Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday's Letter

Dear Husband, My favorite quote from you from this week..."Sometimes life sucks but at least it sucks with you by my side!" You make me smile. Dear Ryleigh, You are unfortunately not helping your case for getting a kitten by asking me every 5 seconds if you can have one. When I say I'll think about it you respond "Please, don't think about it, you might think no!" Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I'm thinking NO. Dear Larry aka LaLa aka Lolly, we hope you have a wonderful birthday! Dear male cousins, sorry I showed you all up last night on the total gym at Nana and Paw Paw's! It must feel terrible to be beaten so badly by a girl! You all must have not heard in the rules that we were seeing who could do the least number of pull ups. So therefore my 9 totally beat the 100-125 you guys were doing. Man winning feels good! :) Dear Ryan, I totally think we should get that quote blown up and put above our bed! It's much cooler and realistic than the cheesy Always Kiss Me Goodnight that other people put above theirs. 10 cool points for always keeping it real. I love you more than cheesy quotes above people's beds.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Countdown to Disney!

Let the countdown begin!!!

We have 31 days until we will leave for Disney!

31 days until we will get to see this...

and these beautiful princesses...

and these classic characters....
and we get to eat here...
and stay here...
Whitney and the kids made an official countdown to Disney craft last night! I really didn't think they would be that excited about the whole countdown thing but they love it!!! They'll get to pull off one link everyday until we reach the top! They keep saying when we reach the red dot we will be headed to Disney!!
I'm happy that they are so excited! This works out well since they don't really have a concept of time. This morning on the way out the door they reminded me that we have to pull one off because that means we are one day closer!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Oh this girl makes me laugh!! Every Friday she comes through the drive thru at my bank. While she's waiting in line to deposit her check she writes me a poem on her check envelope and then leaves it on my windshield for me to get in the afternoon. The poem the other week was...

Last night we made a cupcake tower
Now we need to go to Curves to get on our girl power.

I'm so glad this week is done,
Oh, how much I love your son.

Wish I saw you more,

But it's not my fault I am poor.

Let's Jam Buddy!

We can play with silly puddy!

And play duck, duck goose,

then go hunting for a moose!

You make me laugh Whitney!! I love you!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, the above picture is for you. Just in case you needed a reminder on what your wife and kids look like! I feel bad that you have been working so much that you get home after we are asleep and leave before we are awake. I really do appreciate all the work you do but being a single parent sucks! Dear Congress, I think you should pass a law that states it is illegal for a transmission to go out in a vehicle while you are still making payments on the vehicle. Dear Davis Garage, When I receive my bill from you for Ryan's truck please make it cheap. My bank account can't take much more stress! Dear Friday, YOU COULD NOT HAVE CAME SOON ENOUGH!!! Dear Tammy, I'm not sure if you read our blog or not but if you do I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! It'll be the first one in a long time that you haven't been home for mom to cook. Thanks for making me miss getting a good home cooked meal. Dear Mom, If you still feel the need to cook a birthday dinner for Tammy on Sunday feel free to. We can take pictures of the food and record us singing Happy Birthday before we eat the chocolate cake I'm sure she would get you to make if she were here. We don't need her here to celebrate the day she was born! :) Dear man who still makes me smile even while delivering the news of a bad transmission, Can't wait to spend some quality time with you this weekend. Although it can't be anything that cost money. We have a transmission to fix and I doubt my proposal will reach Congress in time for us to get off the hook!! Love you more than cash in our bank account! ;)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

3 Things

Tanner had his first homework assignment! He had to pick 3 things that would fit in a Ziploc bag that had something to do with him. It could either be something that is his favorite or something that describes him. You may remember us doing the same project with Ryleigh last year.

We went in his room and it took him a while to decide I was helping him look through his toys and when I turned around he had the whole bag filled with tons of toys! He was not happy when I made him empty it and pick just 3 things. He decided on a football, frog and a tape measure.
He picked the football because when he gets older he says-"I want to play football for Alabama and Ryleigh is going to cheer and say 'Roll Tide, Go Tanner' "

He picked the frog because he LOVES frogs, seriously loves them. We have 2 or 3 tree frogs that hang out on our porch every night and he catches them every night and then lets them go every night. He named them all Gumball Machine.

And Lastly he picked the tape measure because he said "I love to help daddy build things. Even when he won't let me finish and makes me go to bed like Gill and him did last night. Even when he does that I still like building things with him!"

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lindsey's Shower

Lindsey had her first shower this past Saturday. It was given by all of our Aunts and it was so pretty! You may remember me mentioning the cupcake tower we were making for it, well here it is...
I'm so happy to report that it turned out so good!! Everyone loved it and the cupcakes on it were so good to!
This is us getting everything ready for the shower. The kids and I came from the beach so I wanted to wear something comfortable over. I wanted to just wear this for the shower but they wouldn't let me! :)
Here's The Bride, the Maid Of Honor and the Runner Up for Maid Of Honor!
Our aunts did a wonderful job of decorating. Everything looked fantastic and the food was so good! They joked that they should start a wedding planning business...I veto that idea. They would bite each others heads off!
Once everyone got there I was in charge of thanking everyone for coming and saying a few words about Lindsey and Brandon. Well before the shower Whitney and I came up with a great rap to say. It's not going to sound the same when you just read it because you actually have to rap it and do the dance but it was:
"Thank you everybody for coming today!"
"Now, Let's all get together, Let's Jam Buddy!!" (Let's Jam Buddy would be said as we pointed to the tiers of the cupcake tower, L-J-B!
Whitney said that's what it stand for instead of Lindsey and Brandon Johnson.
All the wonderful food! I probably gained 10 pounds on Saturday!
This is a good friend of our family Ciara's baby, Emmalyn. She is so cute! Ciara couldn't come to the shower but her mom Mrs. Delayne was babysitting and brought her. She was so sweet!
I know, we are so weird.
Resting after setting up waiting on time for it to start. We had a great turn out, I think there were more than 50 people there! She got a lot of great stuff!
Can't wait until your next shower Lindsey!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bloody Nose

Last night Ryan and I went to sleep around 9 and we were passed out in no time! We had very little sleep this weekend so we were exhausted. Ryleigh and Tanner still technically sleep in their beds but some nights the end up in ours. Well at about 4 AM I was dead alseep. Like the kind of sleep where you haven't woken up all night. Anyway it was 4 AM and all of a sudden I feel someone basically punch me in the nose! It hurt so bad!!!

I looked over and Ryleigh is sound asleep right next to me. She is a terrible sleeper and moves, kicks and hits all night long. When I put my hand up to my nose I could feel blood. She literally busted my nose. I got up and went to the bathroom well when I turned the bathroom light on it woke Ryan up. When he looks over all he sees is me covered in blood. It was all over my face and shirt and the bathroom floor. He had no idea what had happened. When I told him he started laughing and went back to sleep.

It literally took me 30 minutes to get it to stop bleeding and it's bruised today.

So thanks Ryleigh for busting my nose! I've never been hit in the nose before and didn't realize how painful it was. I think the pain was even worse for me since I was sound asleep!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

We didn't really do anything to exciting today. We went down to the beach and played in the water and the sand and went to the pool. I know, so exciting. But we had a really fun day! Ryan even went to the pool and beach and stayed all day without complaining (this is huge!) He normally can;t sit still for longer than 5 minutes.
Here's a hole that Ryan and Tanner dug. I told Tanner to raise his hands to you could see how deep it was.

We went and ate dinner at the Oyster House and walked around some souvenir shops. We talked about going to the track but the kids are exhausted which translates into whiny. So we are just going to put them to bed and hang out here. Tomorrow is Lindsey's shower so I'm going to drive in for that and leave the kids with mom afterwards and come back. I'm looking forward to hanging out with Ryan Saturday night and Sunday.

Friday's Letter

Dear man I depend on more than I realized, you have been on 12 hour shifts this week then working at the church after that. Mad props for your ability to go without sleep but I've missed your help more than I thought I would. Dear Ryleigh and Tanner, I am super proud of you guys and how great yall did at school this week. Dear Lindsey, your shower is this Saturday and I am so excited! I hope you get lots of great stuff. I also hope that my cupcake tower isn't a complete disaster. I apologize in advance if it is. Dear Sarah, I'm so glad you started a blog and I have enjoyed reading it this week. If you are ever short on something to write you should do a "spotlight feature" on the Stokley Family and how much you love us! I'm sure it would be a big hit! Dear Ryan, I've missed seeing you this week and I am looking forward to our weekend at the beach. While everyone is at work on Friday we will be playing in the ocean! I love you more than all the water in the shark infested ocean!!

Here are some pictures from our Thursday night walk on the beach.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New School Year

So yesterday was the first day of the new school year! We went Sunday afternoon to open house so they could meet their teachers. Ryleigh has Mrs. Carter and Tanner has Mrs. Parden (Ryleigh's teacher from last year.) As soon as we walked into Mrs. Parden's class Tanner just started crying. He was not happy!! So I just knew the first day of school was going to be awful!
We got up that morning and they both were pretty excited about going. They had packed their own lunches the night before.
How is this little boy old enough to be in K3?? He's suppose to be a baby! I told him if he got out of the car and didn't cry and did good all day at school that I would have a surprise waiting for him when I picked him up. Around 11:00 it was killing me to know how his day was going so I texted his teacher and she said he was doing great, no tears! She even texted me a picture of him playing on the playground. He also got to be the line leader! Which is a HUGE deal! You always get to do it on your birthday and special occasions but he got picked his very first day! (I think he's Mrs. Parden's favorite!)
I am so proud of how well you did your first day of school! You didn't cry at all!! I'm looking forward to all the things you are going to learn this year. I hope you have a wonderful school year! I love you!
Miss Priss wasn't nervous at all. She kept telling Tanner everything that he could expect all day and she even told him she would walk him to his class. I think that's one reason he did so well at drop off, because she got right out with him and walked him into the building. She has a lot of her same friends in her class as last year so she was really excited about that. She also gets to sit at a desk this year instead of a table like last year.
I cannot believe you are in K4!! It makes me sad that kindergarten is right around the corner. Thank you so much for being so brave and sweet in front of Tanner. You really helped his day go much more smoothly. You are such a great big sister! I can't wait to see all the things you are going to learn this year! I am so proud of you and I love you so much!! Hope you have a great school year!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I feel like a terrible mom! Tanner, for the past few months has been walking on his tip toes. Everywhere we goes he would always do it. We thought he just liked to bounce around. Well that's not the case. It turns out that he has planter warts on the bottom of his feet so it hurts for him to walk. He never said anything about them!!
This past week I made him a doctors appt for Saturday with a foot doctor to have them looked at. He said they were pretty bad and one of them was still active. He said we were going to have to start freezing treatments. NOT FUN! Here we are before they started them. He had to scrap around the warts and it made them bleed pretty bad. He then made Tanner lay face down and starting the freezing treatments. Tanner screamed the entire time! Even Ryleigh was crying because Tanner was crying so bad.
The worst part is we have to do 5 more treatments! As soon as we were out of there he was completely fine and didn't say anything else about them all day!
I used to think we were a pretty accident/hospital free family. Well I'm beginning to believe that this is not the case. I mean Tanner has had a broken leg, Ryleigh busted her chin open, Ryleigh got a splinter under her toenail and now Planter Warts. Goodness Gracious, what's next!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday's Letter

Dear Husband, this week we had the pleasure of watching Shark Week together. Even after you are still going to get certified to scuba dive. I thought certainly that this would be the perfect week to change your mind. Dear Ryleigh and Tanner, I'm so proud of how good you guys did in swim lessons the past 2 weeks. Although I'm out $200 and you guys still can't swim. Thanks for nothing YMCA. Dear Melinda Leigh Performing Arts Center, I am being sucked into your trap of more and more dance classes every year. Ryleigh is registered for Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Tap and Ballet this upcoming year. To answer your question, Yes, that does come with a hefty dance costume fee. Thank you Melinda Leigh. Dear Dawn, thank you for all the help you give us. My life would be much more difficult without you helping with the kids so much. We really appreciate it. Dear person I was lucky enough to marry, your courage amazes me. Good luck with scuba diving, I really hope you don't get eaten by a shark because I have grown quite fond of you!
I love you more than sharks love seals!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Almost 5

Last night Ryan and Tanner went to the church to help set up for Kids Fest which is our version of vacation bible school. So it was just me and Ryleigh at home. We painted, colored and put a new puzzle together.
When we got the puzzle down it had a big 5 on it. Ryleigh asked what the 5 meant and I said it means that it is for ages 5 and up. She kinda looked at me funny and said "Well it's a good thing I'm almost 5!"
I literally just froze. I mean obviously I know that she will be 5 on her next birthday but hearing her say it really brought it to reality. "SHE IS ALMOST 5!!" That can't be right! I'm not suppose to have a 5 year old!
The whole time we were putting the puzzle together she kept committing on the fact the she is going to be 5 and how when she's 5 she can do this or that. I kept tickling her every time she would say 5 and say "You are not turning 5! You are going to stay 4!" She would laugh and laugh then say it again.
Is it just me or is it hard to believe that my baby girl is almost closer to 5 than 4. It's hard to believe that she is almost half way to 10!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


One of my best friend's Sarah has started a blog! She has wanted to for a while but I finally talked her into it today! I hope she loves doing it. It's the perfect way to document everything that goes on that we don't want to forget when our kids get older. She has one of the cutest little girl's Zoe. Who frequently appears on our blog! Zoe and Tanner are around the same age and Zoe and Ryleigh are going to be in the same dance class this year! They both are so excited!
Her blog if you want to go check it out! They go on vacations like every other weekend so she'll have lots to write about! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Weekend

Our Weekend consisted of a lot of this...
Some of this....
And Even more of this...
And is was Wonderful!