Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, the above picture is for you. Just in case you needed a reminder on what your wife and kids look like! I feel bad that you have been working so much that you get home after we are asleep and leave before we are awake. I really do appreciate all the work you do but being a single parent sucks! Dear Congress, I think you should pass a law that states it is illegal for a transmission to go out in a vehicle while you are still making payments on the vehicle. Dear Davis Garage, When I receive my bill from you for Ryan's truck please make it cheap. My bank account can't take much more stress! Dear Friday, YOU COULD NOT HAVE CAME SOON ENOUGH!!! Dear Tammy, I'm not sure if you read our blog or not but if you do I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! It'll be the first one in a long time that you haven't been home for mom to cook. Thanks for making me miss getting a good home cooked meal. Dear Mom, If you still feel the need to cook a birthday dinner for Tammy on Sunday feel free to. We can take pictures of the food and record us singing Happy Birthday before we eat the chocolate cake I'm sure she would get you to make if she were here. We don't need her here to celebrate the day she was born! :) Dear man who still makes me smile even while delivering the news of a bad transmission, Can't wait to spend some quality time with you this weekend. Although it can't be anything that cost money. We have a transmission to fix and I doubt my proposal will reach Congress in time for us to get off the hook!! Love you more than cash in our bank account! ;)

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