Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tooth Fairy

Guess who lost his first tooth!! He was determined he wasn't going to turn 6 without loosing a tooth and he was right!! This one had been loose for a while but we could not get it to come out. Well Sunday night for some reason he decided that Aunt Lisa would be able to pull it so he called her. On her way home she stopped and picked him up and a few minutes later I received a text with a picture of a toothless Tanner. I had tried for 2 days straight to pull it and she tries once and gets it!! She must be pretty good at pulling teeth! When they came back home we said something about the tooth fairy and he said I don't believe in the tooth fairy, that's dumb. Aunt Lisa said well you just pretend to believe in her. And he just said as plain as day, "No, I don't even do that. I don't believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny either." Well then, guess you aren't getting any money.

That night Ryan was playing "tooth fairy" and couldn't find Tanner's tooth anywhere. He had put it in a Ziploc bag under his pillow when I tucked him in. Well Ryan comes and wakes me up to help him look for it. I walk in there and in 3 seconds find it...stuffed in Tanner's balled up fist!!

He may not believe in the tooth fairy but he still got a pretty good payout!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tan Man is 6!

Happy Birthday to our sweet baby boy!! I can't believe that Tan Man is 6 years old today!!!! That means for the next few weeks I have two 6 year olds! Here is the answers to his birthday quiz we started last year.
How old are you? 6

Who is your best friend? Kenley, Fuller, Caden and Cole
What is your favorite thing to do? Go to the Bass Pro Shop

What is your favorite color? Black and Red

What is your favorite food? Meatloaf

What do you like to do with your family? Go to the Battleship

What's your favorite show to watch? Duck Dynasty

What's your favorite book? Every book

Where do you like to go? Bass Pro

What is your favorite treat? cookies

What makes you happy? Playing on my Kindle

What makes you sad? If I didn't have any toys

What is your favorite toy? My 4wheeler

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Dentist
If you could meet someone famous who would it be? Tim Tebow

What is your favorite movie? Spiderman
What was the best part of your birthday? When I got my kindle

Who is your teacher? Mrs Hall
What do you love to learn about? Snakes and Turtle

What do you think about when you fall asleep? Nothing, I'm going to sleep
Its funny to see how differnet his answers are from last year. You can check them out here.
We are so proud of you Tanner and I hope you have the best birthday!!! I love you!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bedroom Makeover

I am in LOVE with my new bedroom. Well I guess I should same new bedroom theme, the bedroom itself isn't new. It's actually been there for around 6 years. 

Our room was the only room we hadn't ever officially decorated. I had been looking on pinterest at different things and wanted to incorporate chevron print with my love of the shabby chic look. I found this lamp at TJ Maxx and although I normally don't like buying home decor from major retail places I thought it was still cute. Especially after I added some rosettes. 

Dawn made me this AWESOME bed skirt and she also made all the pillows. She's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO talented and I'm thankful she doesn't mind when I ask her to make stuff for me. (She may mind but she's never told me no, so I'll keep on asking! lol! :) Thanks Dawn for making all of it. It looks so great!! 

We knew we wanted a new headboard but didn't like any that we found in furniture stores. So we made one! Ryan made the shelf out of crown molding and Ryan literally dug these pallets out of a dumpster :) That's real love for ya! The books, vases, picture and candle holder I got at different antiques stores around town. The frame did come from Hobby Lobby but I put pallet boards around it to make it more unique. Yes you read that right, I sawed and nailed them all together. I was pretty proud of myself.
I know I've showed a picture of my dresser I redid before but here it is completely finished with all new handles. It goes really well with the room.
And the night stand.
I love how everything turned out!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Someone turned 40!

Well I really wanted to post the pictures of my new bedroom but I thought I should post the last weekend ones first since we area already on a new weekend. Which by the way has started off wonderfully. I had Mexican (my favorite food) with Whitney (my favorite person) and laughed so hard Diet Coke literally came out of my nose. It's actually still burning. 

Last weekend we had Beter's (Aunt Velvet's) 40th birthday. It was a surprise party and she was soooooo surprised. Like she had no idea when we invited her over on the night of her birthday and she pulled up and saw 100 cars. I know we are geniuses at throwing "surprise" parties! 

It was a really fun night. The 3 of us tried to take like 100 pictures so by the time we got a halfway decent one Blakeley was OVER pictures! 
These are out of order and my computer won't cooperate. But Friday night Ryan and Tan Man went hog hunting so Ryleigh Claire (FYI she goes by Ryleigh Claire now. She informed me of this 2 weeks ago and is dead serious. She even writes it on all of her school work now. Which is totally fine with me because I absolutely love the name Claire. Love it!) anyway, I feel like I can't pick up from before the parenthesis since there's a whole 'nother paragraph sandwiched in there about a 6 year old apparent name change. Which by the way, did I mention she's dead serious about the name change?

Anyway she had a slumber party with friends from school. My house was a COMPLETE disaster which in my book = slumber party success!
Well apparently we are back to Velvet's party now...Love these 3. That is all.

Blakeley is growing sooooo fast!!! I got to babysit her for the first time last Thursday. Which if I am correct means I was the first one other than a grandparent to babysit her. Whoop Whoop!
Happy 40th Birthday to Beter Beter Pumpkin Eater!!! We love you!!!
He is so tall and reminds me of one of those huge teddy bears that one may get on Valentines Day. I wouldn't know about receiving the actual bear because Ryan knows my love language is not stuffed animals. I'm serious, they stress me out and I only allow a very minimal amount in our house. I would however allow Jordan in our house :) We love him!!

After Velvet's party Lindsey and Whitney decided to go over to our house and roll Ryleigh's bedroom with toilet paper. Well when Ry, (excuse me, Ryleigh CLAIRE) Tanner and Chloe came home they of course thought I did it. I had gone off with Whit so I wasn't home to defend myself but when I did get home late that night this is what I find done to my room...Exhibit A
Exhibit B
And that is just part of it. It was EVERYWHERE!!! I'm just warning you Lindsey and Whitney, you know what they say about payback!
And we capped off our weekend with church and Mexican!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Never thought I would say this...

Can I just say that I LOVE my job, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember on Sunday nights before dreading work the next day. Well I wouldn't say dreading it but I sure didn't look forward to it. Now I actually look forward to it!

I know I said already that the main lesson I learned in 2012 was that God is in control and his plan is ALWAYS better than our plan. If I would have had it my way I would have worked as a branch manager until who knows when. The money was good and I loved my manager so I wasn't looking for another job at all.

Well God took a really bad situation and turned it into something awesome! This Summer we had no idea what was in store. We just knew that we were putting it in God's hands. Ryan and I decided for me to take the Summer off and as soon as I started looking for a new job I got the first one I interviewed for. Well I take that back, I interviewed for a few and was offered those positions but for some reason they didn't seem like where I was suppose to be. Now I know why. I think this job was invented for me! :)

I know no one really knows what I do but the short version is, I manage a line of business for a national bank (I've always been a fan of working for large banks, more growth opportunity and higher salaries. More sales stress as well but if your a sales person then it doesn't really matter.) I cover 31 branches and about 15 Business Banker in a total of 4 districts.

I travel a lot (only overnight like once a month) and have a very flexible schedule. It works out perfectly with the kids. I get to be more involved with them than I've ever been. I'm not chained to a desk and I literally live out of my car.

January is the busiest and biggest month for my department. It meant a lot of work but I'm happy to say I finished January at number 4 in our dept! My Dad would say "if you're not first, you're last" but I was also one of the newest people so I'll shoot for number one next year!

The point of this post is that sometimes we have no idea why something is happening to us. Or we have no idea what doors are going to open next. But I'm proof that God is in control. I read a quote the other day that said something along the lines that until God opens another door praise him in the hallway. I would like to think that's what I did. He always knows what's best for us and I am so thankful for this new opportunity he has given us.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend Fun

We had a fun low key weekend. Ryan went hog hunting with a ton of guys so it was just me and the kiddos on Friday night and Saturday. Friday night we just piled up and watched movies. Saturday we did something we wouldn't normally ever do...we cleaned up the yard! I know it's a miracle. 

Saturday afternoon was Lindsey's birthday party and I got to get some sweet Blakeley love! She's getting so big! She's eating baby food now and reaching and grabbing things. Before we know it she'll be crawling. I think it's time for another baby Lynn! 

I know Blake doesn't look too happy in this picture but you should have seen her when Whitney was holding her...crocodile tears!!!!!! :)
 I love how you can see us all in the mirror. Our family loves a good photo op! Lindsey turned more year till 30!!! Why are we getting so old????
After the party we went to the Oyster House and the Fairhope Parade with Mom and Larry. 
 The kids had a blast at the parade. Gloria Ann and the girls met us there and we caught the parade 3 times!
Today we went to church and lunch. Then shopping for new bedroom stuff. We've redone every room in our house except our bedroom and right now it's awful. I mean it's really terrible! I can't way to show you the after pics! I order a ton of fabric today for Dawn to make all kinds of pillows and a chevron bedskirt!

This little girl dressed herself for church. I knew a day would come when we would probably share clothes but I didn't know it would be at the age of 6! She got lots of compliments at church this morning which literally made her day. Although I hope she knows that there are more important things in life than fashion and looks, I'm still glad she is into it. Just say a prayer for me for the teenage years. Scary!