Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I guess you can call me a bad parent but I have never taken Tanner to have professional pictures made. I have a few reasons why I haven't one of which is I don't like posed pictures. I would much rather have a picture of him making his funny face. Nana has been all over me for an 8x10 of them that she can hang up so I bit the bullet and made an appt at Sears Essentials. Before I go into detail let me say, NEVER, NEVER I mean NEVER go get your pictures made there! Our apt was at 6:30 so I spent the afternoon getting outfits ironed and ready to go. Ryleigh and Tanner both had good naps so I though it was going to go well. When we got there we waited for an hour and half just to get our pictures made. Then another hour just to view them. By the time we got to view them Ryleigh and Tanner were tired and hungry and getting very restless. I told the guy I would just by the CD and be done with it. The CD alone was $120!! I know insane, right? Well the next day I went to load the CD and the idiot had given us someone else's pictures. So I could go on and on about the process of calling, chewing them out and then getting my money back but I'll spare you my angry details. So today we went and had pictures made at Portrait Innovations in the Eastern Shore Centre. It was so pleasant! We were there an hour and a half for the whole process including actually taking our pictures home the same day! It was also only $85 for a ton of pictures and the CD! So here are a few that we took. I didn't include the Christmas pictures since everyone will be getting those in our Christmas cards!

This was one of the last ones they took so they were getting tired.

Ryleigh was showing the girls here that an elephant walked on her butt. Tanner was getting mad because he couldn't find an elephant on him anywhere!

The actual one of all of us is better this one isn't straight and off centered. There is also a good one of Ryan and Tanner but I couldn't get it to upload for some reason. 

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...

Happy 70th Birthday Paw Paw!!
Friday night we celebrated Paw Paw's 70th birthday. I love any night that our family gets together.  We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot. 
Doesn't Ryleigh look like a little homeless child in this picture.
Me, Whitney and Lindsey
Tanner does this new thing, anytime you ask him to do his funny face thats the face he makes. He seriously has to be the cutest kid in the entire world!
Paw Paw and his favorite grandkids. (J/k Lindsey, Wesley, Josh, Luke, Jordan and Evan!)
Paw Paw and his girls. I tell you what we are one good looking family!
Nana and Paw Paw
Whitney and I. I kinda fell bad for her for being in a picture with someone as pretty as me! Ha Ha Whit!
I know there seems to be way more pictures of Tanner than Ryleigh in this post and its just because he was in such a good mood that night. 
Aunt Whitney, Ryleigh and Tanner.
Paw Paw opening his present from Ry and Tanner. They got him a big book that he can put all the dollars that he collects in, they also made him a card. Thats one good thing about 2 year olds. You can get away with free homemade cards!

Tanner making his funny face again.
I mean seriously have you ever seen a cuter little boy in your life!

We had such a good time hanging out and goofing off. It was nice to get together and celebrate a milestone that big with Paw Paw. The family that we love and cherish so much stems from them. Thanksgiving is coming up and when we left that night I couldn't help but think about how thankful I am for our family. We have our ups and downs but we are always there for each other and thats something to be thankful for!
Peace Out Homies! That ones for you Whit! Ha Ha!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Roll Tide Roll!!

For the Alabama LSU game some friends of I and us all went to Baton Rouge to tailgate. I know, I know we are so brave! LSU fans are dirty and trashy (sorry to any LSU fans out there!) We had the best time! We took our big TV and the generator and we had the bug green egg grill to! College Game Day from ESPN was there to so it was packed!!
A Picture of all the girls. Notice how much taller I am! I hate being tall!!
Relaxing and watching the Georgia Kentucky game.
The ESPN announcer guy. Kirk Herbstreet (I'm sure I spelled that wrong.) I think he is really cute but everyone else said that when you compare him to the other 2 guys then he is cute but by himself he's not...I still disagree.
Kristy and Shawn, Ryan's cousins. Kristy is pregnant with a little boy due in a few months. They are naming him Easton.
Allyson and Wesley cooking biscuits on the egg. We got there at like 6 in the morning so we made breakfast.
Ryan and I. Yep I got my haircut again, its way to short and I look like a boy!

Matthew and Kelly making bacon and eggs. 

The Friday night before the game Ryan got him and I tickets to the Phil Vassar concert at the Hard Rock and a room for the night. It was kinda a anniversary celebration a few weeks early. Phil Vassar is my favorite singer! So we stayed there Friday night and got up at 4 in the morning to meet everyone else at the game. We had a busy, busy weekend and I;m still trying to catch up from being gone. 


So as many if you already know I played my parent card one last time this halloween. Instead of letting Ry and Tanner be the Doodlebops they were Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf! They were the cutest kids at the fall festival. We didn't win the costume contest but I'm sure it was all politics if they didn't win because they really were the cutest!!

A rare family shot with me in it, everyone looking and at least kinda smiling!

It took me a while to get pictures posted because Gus, our insane dog who drives me crazy chewed up my camera cord. He has also chewed up my apple phone cord not once but twice.