Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Daughter

We may not look much alike...
But there is no denying that she is my daughter. We are JUST alike. Stubborn, hardheaded, funloving, goofy, center of attention loving girls!
And I love her so much for it!
We may argue like sisters more often than not...
But at the end of the day I'm so thankful for my stubborn, sweet little girl! 
You have to love a smile like that!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we went and woke the kids up with their new puppy, Cooper! We normally let them get up on their own but Ryan and I both woke up early and we just couldn't wait any longer. They got up and at first I thought they would be disappointed that they didn't have a "big" present sitting out and unwrapped. Ryan and I had a few other things up our sleeves. They got started opening their presents. I know some people sit them out for the kids but I love the excitement of them ripping off the wrapping paper. We make them go one at a time and take turns. They don't mind because they get to see what each other got. 

Ryleigh's "big" present was a iPhone. In case you were wondering it was Ryan's idea. I know everyone probably already figured that but just in case. I want to make sure we are clear on who the crazy parent is.  :) She was over the moon excited!!
Tanner's "big" present was a TV for his room. I normally would have had it unwrapped but I wanted to wrap her phone and call it. She loved opening the ringing package! They had a joint present that we made them go on a scavenger hunt for. That was a lot of fun!
When they opened the box you should have seen their faces. There was only a note in there so they looked really disappointed. It was hilarious! Ryleigh then read it and they went on a 10 minute scavenger hunt that led them to keys. Ryleigh still didn't get it but Tanner instantly knew it was to a new 4-wheeler!

We then walked over to Aunt Lisa's to see what they got. Lindsey got this new purse that I LOVE!! Brandon did a great job at picking out her present. Wesley also bought the kids an INSANE remote control car! He's so sweet to Ryleigh and Tanner and we love him so much!!

That afternoon we had Christmas with Ryan's mom, and brother and his family. The kids got way to many presents again!

We had a wonderful Christmas and we hope you did too!! 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

Since Christmas Eve fell on a Saturday we decided to have Christmas with Mom and Larry that morning. Friday night I put 2 very excited little kids to bed! What was really fun about it was that we got to have 2 Christmas mornings. There is nothing like kids anticipation on Christmas morning. This is going to be just a ton of pictures. 

So Tammy lives in Cullman, AL now so we don't get to see her often. Mom and I had both asked her to come home for Christmas but she said with their work schedule it just wouldn't work out. Well Saturday morning Ryan and I are getting the presents ready to go to moms and Ryan asked who's F150 was pulling up behind our shed. For some reason I didn't care and was just trying to get to moms. Ryan was really concerned about it but for some reason I wasn't. I had walked outside and was half way to moms when Ryan opens the front door and yells at me to come back home. I was so aggravated. he said just sit the presents down and come back real quick. I thought he needed me to help him do something so I was just getting madder and madder. Ok, Ryan I'll just sit down all these presents in the middle of the wet grass to walk back in the house. I walked back home, aggravated at him, and walked in the foyer and she comes running from our bed room! It scared me to death! I was sooooooo excited to see her!! She COMPLETELY surprised us. We literally had no idea she was coming. We then ran to moms and snuck in and surprised her too! It was a great Christmas present!!!
Nana and Paw Paw came over for breakfast at moms. It really did feel just like Christmas day.

Later in the afternoon we got dressed and headed to Ryan's Grandads.

Grandaddy with all his grandkids and great grandkids. Well just the younger ones.
We got way to many presents over there to just head to Aunt Cheryls to get even more.

I love how these 2 guys make me feel SHORT! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!

I'm doing a whole different post on our NEW PUPPY!!!!!

When we got home we got cookies out for Santa.
And fed the reindeer. A side story on he reindeer...the food was obviously still out there the next morning and Tanner said "Stupid make believe reindeer. We just wasted all that food on no one!"
We then laid out their way to many presents and headed to bed. It was such a fun day and I'm so thankful we got to spend it with our family!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Ryan!!

Happy Birthday to my favorite guy!
Anyone that knows Ryan knows that he has been saving up for a few months now to buy boat electronics. They are very expensive but he knew we weren't using any of our money to buy them. Bless his heart, he's never saved up for anything in his life. He still had a little ways to go but guess what I surprised him with....
He's not one to get excited about much but I love that smile on his face when he opened them. He had NO idea I was getting them for him. He was even more surprised that I bought them for him (with my money). I had gotten with his friend Wesley and he told me exactly what to order. I had told Ryan I would give him money for his birthday and Christmas to put up for his electronics. So he thought he was opening a ton of ones.
Ryan, this is the first and last time I ever plan to buy you something so expensive! So don't get used to it!! I'm so glad you like them and the smile on your face was worth all the money I spent. You don't get excited about many presents. I think I was more excited about giving it to you than you were about getting them!
Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas! I love you more than you love your new electronics!