Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Ryan!!

Happy Birthday to my favorite guy!
Anyone that knows Ryan knows that he has been saving up for a few months now to buy boat electronics. They are very expensive but he knew we weren't using any of our money to buy them. Bless his heart, he's never saved up for anything in his life. He still had a little ways to go but guess what I surprised him with....
He's not one to get excited about much but I love that smile on his face when he opened them. He had NO idea I was getting them for him. He was even more surprised that I bought them for him (with my money). I had gotten with his friend Wesley and he told me exactly what to order. I had told Ryan I would give him money for his birthday and Christmas to put up for his electronics. So he thought he was opening a ton of ones.
Ryan, this is the first and last time I ever plan to buy you something so expensive! So don't get used to it!! I'm so glad you like them and the smile on your face was worth all the money I spent. You don't get excited about many presents. I think I was more excited about giving it to you than you were about getting them!
Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas! I love you more than you love your new electronics!

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