Saturday, October 31, 2009

I know this is so mean!

I have never laughed so hard as I did when we went to the fair this past Monday night. Tanner got on this ride that we knew he wouldn't like but he wanted to ride it because Ryleigh was. Here he is before it started and the next photo is the one while the ride is going. 
I know everyone is going to say that I am so mean for laughing and taking the picture but once he was up there there wasn't anything I could do to help him so I had to laugh! In the picture Ryleigh looks a little scared but it was just because Tanner was crying so it made her scared. Otherwise she really liked the ride. It was a ride where it took you up then dropped you and then took you up and dropped you. In my defense it was he kid version of the ride, it's not like we put him on the grown up one. Other than that one ride we all had a great time at the fair. Mom and Larry met us there and Dawn went with us also. We rode a lot of rides, went to the rodeo and spent way to much money on fair food. $8 for a corn dog!?!? That's insane!!!
Here are some more pictures from the fair. 

It's Halloween and we are taking the kids out in the two tackiest costumes I've ever seen! Tinkerbell and Transformers, I don't like them having opinions! I wanted them to have cute costumes. But let this blog serve as a reminder when they get older that they are the ones who wanted to dress up as ugly cartoon characters not me! I would much rather them be Raggedy Ann and Andy. Oh well!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Guys

I mean seriously have you ever seen two cuter boys in your life?? Look at those bright blue eyes! 

When we first found out we were pregnant with Ryleigh I desperately wanted a girl. I really don't know why. But even though I was excited about being pregnant, part of me knew I would be secretly heartbroken if it wasn't a girl. Well when we found out we were pregnant with Tanner I didn't care either way. Part of me wanted a boy so we would have one of each and the other part wanted another girl so the would grow up close and I could reuse all my stuff from Ryleigh. 

Well it was a boy and Ryan was so excited! It's funny the saying "God never gives you more than you can handle." I believe that because if I would have had 2 Ryleigh's I would be headed to an early grave! 

I love both of my children equally, but there is something about his laugh and those bright blue eyes that melt my heart. When I have a bad day at work all I can think about is coming home and tickling Tanner so he will burst with laughter! I can't believe how big he is getting and the older he gets the more I love him. He's tenderhearted but tuff. He's sensitive and sweet. He loves animals but hates bugs. He loves football and movies but hates sitting still. He all boy and melts my heart every time I look at him. 
I love you Tanner Man!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Walk for a Cure

This past Saturday our church participated in the Walk for a Cure downtown. It's a 5 mile walk for Breast Cancer and was a lot of fun! We had 85 people on our team. After the walk we all went to the Spot of Tea and they had a room reserved for us. Mrs. Rhonda had some special gifts for people who were survivors and people who had lost their mother/grandmother to cancer. 
An action shot of us walking. It was cold!
I brought this hat of Ryleigh's so Madison could wear it since Tina hasn't gotten her one yet. Well it was to big for Maddie but fit Lindsay just right!
Lindsay's mom Mrs. Pam and her aunt Mrs. Benita. Both are breast cancer survivors. 

A 5 mile walk might not seem like a long way but my legs hurt when we were done! Makes me wonder if I'll be ready for the 10k Senior Bowl on November 7th...I guess we'll see!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Stop looking at me!

It has started. Sibling fighting. This is the conversation Ryleigh and Tanner had the other morning in my bathroom while I was getting ready for work.

Tanner- "Ryleigh, stop looking at me"
Ryleigh- "I'm not touching you just looking, I can look at whatever I want Tanner."
T-"Mom Ryleigh is looking at me!"
Me- "Tanner it's not a big deal just ignore her."
T- "I can't, she's aggravating me."
R- starts dying laughing at how upset Tanner is getting.
T- "Stop Ryleigh, I'm serious. I'm going to punch you in the face if you don't stop looking at me."
R- still staring and still laughing
Me- "Tanner it's really not a big deal just go in another room if you don't want her to look at you."
T- "Ryleigh, I'm the boss of me and I say who can look at me and I say you can't" Then he literally punched her in the face.

Seriously, she was just looking at you. Maybe he's not going to be a sissy after all!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Park and Running

This past Sunday after church we met mom, Larry, Gloria and the girls at Cottage Hill park so they could all play. Mom made a lunch and brought it. Of course she tries to out do my picnic lunch I packed for Ryleigh's field trip! The kids had a lot of fun and we ended up staying for 2 hours.
A Bee was flying around the and Ryleigh did not like that! This is the face she made!
Eating lunch
Look how tall he's getting. People are asking us more and more if they are twins!
Check out her boots..I love them! They came from Wal Mart for like $7.
We had a lot of fun just hanging out and talking hopefully we can do it again soon.
We have a busy weekend coming up! Friday night we have 5th Quarter...The last one, YAY! Saturday we have the National Breast Cancer Walk downtown. It's a 5 mile walk and our church has a group of like 75 ladies walking in it. After the walk we rented out The Spot of Tea to have brunch. Then we are headed to the pumpkin patch to try to get some cute pictures of Ryleigh and Tanner with Tammy's AWESOME new Nikon camera. Then we are headed to Seward Farms (again) with the Jr. High group from church. Sunday we have church then a shrimp boil at some friends of ours for their birthday! Man I'm going to be exhausted on Monday!! I'm also excited b/c the fair starts this weekend. I'm sure we won't make it there this weekend but maybe one day next week.
And in completely unrelated friends Tina, Lindsay and I have been running. No one thought I would stick with it but I'm actually doing pretty good. We are hoping to be able to run the Senior Bowl 10K (6.2) miles on November 7th. That will be the farthest we've ran yet. We try to go 3 days a week. On Tuesdays we meet at Mellow Mushroom and do a 5K through midtown which is so much fun. There are like 100 people who meet to do it. Some run some walk some have strollers and some have dogs. The first time we ran it it took us 46 min...then the next time we were down to 43...and this past week we ran it in 34!! I was so excited! We are hoping to eventually get down to under 30 but we aren't quite there yet. Maybe one day soon!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I hate cats!

Seriously, I hate cats. I've never been a cat person. Actually I've never been an animal person period, but Ryleigh loves cats. Loves them. She has wanted a kitten for months now and we wouldn't ever let her get one. Mom and Larry had a cat at their house named boots that she loved and wanted to bring home and we wouldn't let her. Well 2 Sundays ago Ryleigh and I come home from The Weddings to Brag about with Lindsey and Ryan has gotten Ryleigh a kitten.
Like a real one. Seriously.
I was so mad until I saw how incredibly happy it made her and then I wished we would have saved it until Christmas. Because that would have made a great free Christmas gift. So in addition to the dog that we have I present to you our new kitten...Boots. (Ryleigh named her, I know she's so original!)

And this is how Boots spends most of her some form of Ryleigh making her do something she does not want to do. Tanner to. They are mean to her but in a good way. She actually tore Tanner's hand up because she wanted down and he wouldn't put her down.
Honestly though I don't know how long we will keep her before we give her away. she drives me insane and I think she is the only cat ever so refuse to use a litter box. She thinks my bedroom is one huge litter box!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ryleigh's Favorites

Last night on the way home from dance Ryleigh and I started talking about all her favorite things. So I thought I would make a list so we could look back on it one day.

My Favorite Things, By: Ryleigh Stokley
Favorite Color: Light Pink
Favorite Movie: Cars
Favorite thing to play with: Baby Dolls
Favorite Friend: Madison and Zoe
Favorite Food: Chicken Nuggets
Favorite Animal: Kitty Cat
Favorite Song: Big Green Tractor by Jason Aldean (she knows all the words)
Favorite Princess: Belle
Favorite thing to help mommy with: Laundry
Favorite TV Show: Wipeout and Backyardigans
Favorite Cartoon character: Tinkerbell
Favorite thing about school: Playing outside when it's not hot
Favorite place to spend the night: at Carlee's and Go Go's
She is to funny! She wanted to keep going but I couldn't think of any other questions to ask her. I tried to do the same for Tanner when we got home but he said "I'm not a gurl, I don't have favorites." That's how he says girl.
Have a great weekend everyone, It's suppose to be beautiful!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ryleigh's 1st Field Trip!

Ryleigh Claire had her first ever school field trip. I was way more excited about it than she was. She could have cared less. Honestly though I don't think she got the concept of "field trip." So on Monday Ryleigh, Tanner, Ryan, Mom and me all loaded up and headed to Seward Farms. I know what everyone's thinking...Why does Ryleigh travel with an entourage everywhere she goes. What can I say she's popular!

Isn't her shirt so cute! I love them I had them made at Laci May's for like $10 a piece. I got her and Tanner one. I wonder how much longer they will let me dress them in matching clothes?
This was probably their favorite thing to do. The cow train!

We had such a fun day. It was really hot but at least it didn't rain. It's suppose to be in the 70's this weekend so we are very excited about that! Ryan unfortunately has to work all weekend, but we are just thankful he has a job in this terrible economy.
Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Remember This?

I found these pictures the other night and they made me laugh! Look how little she is in these pictures!

Those are two Silly Girls!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Double Decker!

Despite the 100 degree temperature weather we have broken out the fall clothes. I dropped Ryleigh and Tanner's fall shirts off to be monogrammed and they should be back today. Just in time for a trip to the Seward Farms Corn Maize on Monday for Ryleigh's field trip. 
Most of Ryleigh's fall clothes from last year still fit her. Besides her pants which are WAY to short. So she was especially excited at the whole (new to her since she can't remember last year) wardrobe. THe first thing sHe wanted to wear was this brown dress with flowers. We usually put a long sleeve shirt underneath but didn't because like I said it's still 100 degrees here! When we were picking out her bow she couldn't decide between brown or orange. So her solution...Both! 

Sp I present to you the biggest bow I have ever seen that she did actually wear to school. A Bow big enough to make any southern proud. I bow of epic proportions...The Double Decker!
And I thought we were at the biggest size bow tiny town sold. Now we have unleashed a whole new world of bow possibilities! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meet Bubba Bubba

Tanner stayed the night with mom and Larry a few weeks ago in Irvington. She was cleaning out a lot of stuff they have there...and believe me when I tell you they have a lot of stuff. Anyway she had this porcelain deer in the throw away pile. It's horribly ugly but Tanner fell in love with it. He found this leash and tied it around the deers neck and pulled him around everywhere he went. When we got him from mom I told them that was not coming to our house. Tanner wanted it to so bad. So I caved and since that day he has been pulling this deer that is now named Bubba Bubba everywhere with him. This picture was taken in the car on the way home from church.
Welcome to the Family Bubba Bubba!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sleeping Arragements

Ryleigh and Tanner both have their own rooms with their own beds but lately you would think they didn't. It started out with Tanner wanting to sleep in Ryleigh's room when she got her full size bed. We let him because she has a TV in her room and he doesn't. So that satisfied them for a while. But lately they have both been gradually making their way into our room in the middle of the night. I cannot stand it! I do not like people touching me while I sleep. So this makes the task of fitting 4 people into a queen size bed without touching, impossible. The other morning I woke up and saw both of them but I didn't see Ryan so I walked in the living room to see if he was on the couch, nope. I opened the side door to see if his truck was there and it was. So I walked in Ryleigh's room to find him sleeping in her bed by himself. So I got in there to! 
Every morning when I wake up and they are in there it makes me mad until I look and see this...
Or this...
I mean it's impossible to get mad when they look so sweet! I guess we will cherish these times that they want to sleep with us because it won't be long until they won't even want to walk beside us in public!