Thursday, September 25, 2008

Passy and Potty

So I never thought I would be able to say these words well actually I'm typing them but you know what I mean, "Ryleigh is off of her pacifier!" Hallelujah! Tanner is also off of his except for at night, even when he takes naps he goes without it. I owe the credit in large part to my mom and Aunt Cheryl. Last Friday Ry was going to stay with Aunt Cheryl and she forgot her passy. I told Aunt Cheryl just to buy one when they went off. She didn't buy one and Ryleigh went all day without it. That night my mom was keeping them because we had 5th quarter at church and she was determined not to give her the passy either. She also didn't give it to Tanner either. So she endured the first night of the passy free life and to be honest I'm glad it was her and not me! So thanks to the two of them! On Sunday she found a passy and wanted to keep it but I told her instead that we would take all the passy's in the house and buy a toy at Toy's R Us. So that afternoon we headed off to buy a toy. Tanner also got to pick something out because he had given it a good effort and was down to only once a day (that kinda sounds like he was giving up alcohol!) So they pick out their toys and take them up to the counter, Ryleigh then pulls the Ziploc bag of passy's from her purse and hands them to the cashier. She looked at me like we had lost our minds. I told her the story and she seemed to not care. Tell me please why they have such unfriendly people working in what should be a happy place. I mean we were just wanting to buy toys with passy's since when does that not count as money! : ) Anyway though I swiped my card and off we went. She has asked for the passy once since then and I told her that we didn't have anymore that she had given them all to the very "nice" (yeah right) lady at the toy store. Since then she hasn't asked for it again!

OK so you thought that was a big accomplishment......She has also used the potty 9 times!! Yep that's right 9 times in 3 days. And one of those days she was with Nana and Aunt Cheryl and didn't have any big girl panties so she didn't even try. So technically that's 9 times in 2 days. The downside to this story is Ryan said if she went everyday this week she could get a puppy this weekend. So every time she potties she dances around singing "I'm going to get a puppy and Tanners not!" That girl...what are we going to do with her!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Hello everyone! I finally am getting around to posting the pictures from our vacation to Atlanta. We went on a Thursday night and stayed though Monday. We had a lot of fun and Ryleigh and Tanner were so good the whole time! That's right I said Ryleigh, Tanner and good in the same sentence! It doesn't happen for me often. I really couldn't of asked for them to be any better. We were gone all day everyday and they handled it just fine. On Friday we went to the aquarium, the Olympic park and then to the mall.

Ryleigh and Tanner LOVED the aquarium, especially Tanner since he is so observant and loves to just look around at things. While we were there we went and saw Deepo's 4D underwater show which is basically a rip off of Finding Nemo but it was in 4D. Where you have to wear those goofy glasses and everything looks like its jumping out at you. Ryleigh kept trying to grab all the fish because she thought they were right in her face! Once we left there we went to the Olympic Park. By that time Tanner was dead asleep in the stroller he was so tired!

Saturday morning we got up and went to a children's museum called imagine it, the kids and I loved it but Ryan wasn't that crazy about it. It was kind of like the explorium we have here but just for smaller kids. They have all different types of exhibits.

Saturday afternoon we went to a mini Six Flags its sponsored by Six Flags but its just for smaller kids. Ry and Tanner loved it! They rode all the rides twice! Ryleigh even rode a roller coaster. Like for bigger kids. She made the height requirement (imagine that) so we let her ride. I was scared she would freak out and they wouldn't stop it so she could get off. She did fine though.

On Sunday we went to a church in Atlanta called Buckhead. Its a really contemporary satellite church. The preachers name is Andy Stanley and you receive the message via satellite since he has like 4 or 5 churches. At first I thought it would be kinda weird but it turned out to be really cool. Its a HUGE church and they have a band and things like that. Basically as far from Baptist as you can find! After that we went to Six Flags White Water Park. I think we rode down this one slide a million times! Ryleigh and Tanner just kept doing it over and over again!
So all and all we had a very nice vacation. It was fun to go off with just our family. Normally we are with a ton of people or with church.
We hope everyone is doing well!
God Bless,
The Stokley's

Friday, September 19, 2008


The Doodlebops, from top to bottom: Dee Dee, Rooney and Moe
So, there is this show on the Disney channel that Ryleigh loves its called the doodlebops. Is suppose to be like a kid version of a rock band type show. They dance and sing, and sing and dance and dance and sing...well you get the picture. Ryleigh loves to dance like Moe, he break dances on the floor. She likes to lay on her back and spin around and says she is dancing like Moe. Well if you know me at all you know that I cannot stand cartoon characters in any form or fashion. So the other day I was explaining to Ryleigh about Halloween and how you get to dress up for it and I asked her what she would like to be. I didn't think she would have any kind of response, she immediately says "Dee Dee Doodle w/ pink hair!" I was mortified! I thought I would get to have one last Halloween where I get to pick what they were going to be. I may still play my parent card and let them be something cute and not the Doodlebops! So I guess stay tuned to see who will win this battle. If Ry does win I guess Tanner will be stuck being Rooney from the Doodlebops, Moe is cuter but I can't find a Moe costume. The pictures above are of the actual costumes. Leave a comment and let me know how ridiculous you think the costumes are!