Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Church Egg Hunt

I love this age and stage that Ryleigh and Tanner are in. The no naps required, no packing half your house up for an afternoon out, no keeping tabs on them every second. I just love it!
I get asked the questions a lot about when we are going to have more kids...probably never. I just can't see giving up all the freedom that we have come to love!

With all that being said we had the best time on Saturday at the church's Egg Hunt. It was held at some people who attend our churches house which was right up the road from our house. It was nice not to have to drive 30 minutes to get there. Which rarely happens since we live so far out. Their house is BEAUTIFUL!! It's on a ton of land and it's huge with a lake and cows. The perfect place for an Egg Hunt.
Isn't their front door beautiful!
Ryleigh racked up with the eggs!
Tanner was very excited!
Look at that lake! It's beautiful!

Me and my girl. Does anyone think we look alike at all?? It's so unfair to give birth to 2 kids who look nothing like me!
We had a really good turn out.
I think Ryleigh is going to be an engineer! She built this "mansion" out of toothpicks and gumdrops, mostly by herself. She wanted to take it with us and put it on the fireplace but thank goodness they asked us to leave it since there where other kids who would like to make stuff to.

I am so thankful for our Children's Pastor, Freddy and his Wife Sandi. They do so much for our children's dept and we just love them! We are getting an entirely new children's building with a playground in it and a ton of other things. I can't wait until it's finished. I'll be sure to take pictures and post them. It should be done around May.

Monday, March 29, 2010

How to get Abs!

Can I please take a second and tell you how crazy busy my Saturday was. First it was Ryan's moms birthday so the kids and I got up and got ready and made her breakfast. Mom, Dawn and Karlee came over around 9 to eat. After that we left to go to our church's Easter Egg Hunt which was a lot of fun. At 2 we had a baby shower for a good friend of our families, Ciara. Then Tanner had a Tball game at 3 and then that night we had a going away/baby shower for Josh and Desi!
I know, crazy busy.
We had such a fun day though. Ryleigh even made the comment that night about how much fun she had. I have separate pictures from the Egg Hunt but wanted to talk about Saturday night first.

Every time our family gets together it always 2 things...LOUD and fun! But Saturday night was even louder and more fun than normal! We went to Aunt Tena's and had my favorite types of food...appetizers! There is nothing more that I love than a big buffet of dips! The party was for Josh and Desi because he is going to work out of the country for a few months and she is pregnant with their second child. A girl named Faith. Here they are with Gabe.
Ryleigh and Tanner had the best time playing with Gabe all night. They were all over Aunt Tena's house. If anyone knows anything about Aunt Tena it's that she is the most easy going person ever. When we were little we would literally have water balloon fights in her kitchen and she would just join in like it was no big deal! It was always so much fun to go over there because we would always do the craziest things.
These are Whitney's Jesus shoes. She is wearing them in celebration of the upcoming Easter Holiday!
If you were to just look at these pictures it would seem like the only adults there were Nana, Paw Paw and Aunt Velvet. I have no idea why I didn't take any pictures of anyone besides them but I didn't. I'll try harder to get better at that.

I just love this picture of Aunt Velvet and Tanner. Doesn't she look incredible?!?! I have to tell her thanks for providing so much of our laughter at her expense for the night. It was worth it, right?
Nana and her 3 great grand kids.
Me and Jordan. I posted this on facebook and tagged him. He'll probably untag it since he probably thinks I'm not very cool.
Once everyone had left Me, Lindsey, Brandon, Whitney, Velvet and Jordan all hung out for a while longer and just goofed off. Aunt Tena showed us Luke's scrapbook he had to make his senior year in high school. A few things we learned from these pictures...
  1. Our parents had no taste in clothes.
  2. Lindsey's bangs gave her an extra 3 inches of height when she was younger.
  3. Thank goodness Whitney got contacts.
  4. Yes, I've always been as goofy and attention starved as I currently am.
  5. We were very awkward during our preteen years as shown by the numerous pictures and our rendition of the Dixie Chicks Earl had to Die video. We should break that video out at the next family event!

Around 9:30 Ryleigh said "Mom, we really need to go home. I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. Please, can we go to sleep!" You know that girl is tired if she's asking to go home and go to sleep!

Sunday when I saw Whit she said she has 2 extra abs from laughing so hard Saturday night!

In that case, we need to have about 3 or 4 more family things before we go to the beach for Spring Break! I would love 6 pack abs by then!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to our wonderful, fabolous Gi Gi!
We suprised her last Saturday night with a dinner at the Cannon Grill which was really good. And then next Saturday we are going to go to brunch at The Spot of Tea. We wanted to go today but it's the Azalea Trail Run so it'll be packed downtown.

Dawn, I know we don't tell you nearly enough how much we appreciate you. You do so much for us with helping with the kids and I know it's more than I even realize. We would be lost without you (and probably bankrupt from childcare expenses)! The kids wouldn't be able to be involved in many of the activities that they are if it weren't for you meeting me here or there. It takes someone special that has alot of patience to stay home with the two of them!

We hope you have a wonderful birthday and just wanted to let you know how much we truly appreciate everything you do for us!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So we have played a few games already and are currently undefeated! We tied the game on Saturday but I'm counting it as a win since our first baseman wasn't there and we totally would have won if he would have been there!
So far Tanner has mixed emotions about TBall. Some days he loves it and wants to play and then some days if you even mention the word he cries!
He by far isn't the best player on the team but his coaches have labeled him MIP! Most Improved Player. He is getting the hang of it.

He LOVES his helmet and pitches a fit when any of the other kids wear it. He says, "It's my helmet, Gill even put my number on the back!"
He has a hard time getting into position in a timely manner so sometimes he is "escorted" to his position!
He finds that wearing a glove is overrated. Real men catch the ball with their bare hands!
He is getting really good at hitting and even hit the ball all the way to 3rd base. Monday night he also scored a run and got an RBI. Jordan and Whitney were so surprised I knew what an RBI is. Doesn't it mean Running Back Inside because it's to hot to be out...No? Well that's what it stands for in my case! :)
He's learned that if there isn't any action in the outfield then just play in the grass and try to kiss bugs!
And lastly, if your hat is to big then you can always use your ears to help hold it up!

Monday, March 22, 2010


So I'm about to go off on a rant. I don't know what it is that sparked this but I have a feeling it is the crazy amount of time between Tball and Dance that I have been spending with parents of other young kids who I am not friends with.

Just an FYI to all those parents...Your kids are NOT perfect.
They never have been and they never will be.
I feel like the last few weeks have been spent comparing stories with all these parents that I have no interest in being friends with. The hours spent at Tball practice or while sitting in the waiting area at dance. Each story is just a way to one up the person before you and its driving me crazy. "My sweet, beautiful daughter never throws tantrums." "My child slept through the night the first day home from the hospital." "My child has been able to read since they were 3." "I don't understand these moms who get babysitters all the time. I feel bad enough having to work all day. I would never leave my child on the weekend."
These are some of my favorite most recent quotes. I hate these "sessions" as I call them with other moms because it paints an unrealistic picture of what life with children is like. It leaves other people thinking you have this perfect life and makes them unhappy with theirs.
Here is what I want to scream at all these moms, "You're life is not perfect!! So stop trying to act like it is. There is no way your daughter has never thrown a tantrum and just wait until the next time I see you in Wal Mart. I hope she throws a knock down drag out one right in the middle of the freezer aisle for all the world to see. There is no way your child slept through the night the first day home from the hospital. If they did then they would have starved to death so stop making crap up! 3? Seriously, your child could read at 3?? Then why in the heck are you sitting in the waiting area at a dance studio! Shouldn't you guys be famous? And lastly, I'm sorry that I get a babysitter for my kids. I'll be the first to admit that is how I keep my sanity. I will not apologize for wanting to spend time with my husband alone. In fact, when your kids are grown and gone and your husband and you have no relationship because you wouldn't make time for him, I'll be waiting to say, 'You should have gotten a babysitter!'"
One of my best friends Sarah and I talk about this a lot. She's my favorite person to vent to. We understand each other. We understand that some days your kids are driving you crazy and it feels good to send a text saying "WILL THEY EVER STOP WHINING!!" Or sometimes you need someone to listen to you scream because your husband spent $75 on a Vera Bradley purse for a 4 year old. I know when I call her or text her she understands where I'm coming from and isn't there to judge my parenting skills or compare notes on who's kid is smarter.
I never thought I would get Ryleigh off a passy or Tanner potty trained. My children aren't child prodigies but they are my kids and I love them with all my heart. So to all you moms out there who feel the need to update your facebook status with "We just brought our baby home from the hospital and she has already used the potty twice and said her first word while playing the piano since we are a no TV family. Can you believe that! She's only 3 days old!!" I'll call Sarah and tell her that if my kids don't stop whining I'm going to scream! She understands that my kids aren't perfect and I like not having to pretend they are.
But I guess that depends on what your definition of perfection is. Mine wouldn't be child prodigies with boring lives who never give their parents any excitement or funny stories to tell. Mine would be Ryleigh and Tanner who keep me on my toes and keep my life exciting.
Thank you Ryleigh and Tanner for not being perfect and boring. Thank you for giving me funny stories to tell. I love you guys so much and I love the crazy, busy, exciting life I get to live with you guys!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Little Hero

It's time to knock one out of the park
You're my T-ball Hero you see
But if all you can do is swing till you're blue
You're still a hero to me
And I'll never forget the first ball you hit
It seemed like a home run to me

I shouted and hollered and got all excited
As I watched you - do you're best for me
That makes you a hero - a - T-Ball 'Hall of Fame'er'
Regardless what others might see
Because that's how I see you - You're My Little Hero
And forever that you'll always be
Robert Yborra

Good Luck at your first game tomorrow Tanner!
We are so proud of you and we love you!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ryleigh & Tanner's Birthday Party

This past Friday night we had the kids joint birthday party at The Slide and Jump Zone. Each year they get to pick out a theme for the party. This year I just knew it would be Hello Kitty and Spider man but surprisingly they decided on Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I'm not crazy about Mickey and Minnie but I did like how they matched and how it was bright colors.
Here is their cake. It was a cupcake pull apart cake which I HIGHLY recommend. There is no cutting involved! Ryan said it looks like a Christmas tree, it's suppose to be a party hat.
Tanner and his best bud Austin.
La La and Tan Man
Yep, that's Tammy holding a baby. Shocking, I know!

I didn't get a good picture of their shirts that Gill made but they were so cute. You can kind of see the back of Ryleigh's in this picture. Tanner's said Stokley with a 3 on it. The front had their initials.
I know, there are no words to explain what Kris is doing. He is so weird! : )
Me and Zoe. Tanner and her call each other their best friends!
Me and Paw Paw
Ryan was playing on the jumps which is why he's so sweaty!
Blowing out the candles.
I didn't get many pictures of them open presents but I wanted to get this one for sure. All they asked for over 100 times were DS's. This is Ryleigh realizing she got one. She hasn't put it down since!
And this is Tanner realizing that h got one to!
They had a great birthday party! Thank you so much everyone for coming and thank you so much for all the presents! We are so blessed to have such great family and friends and we are so thankful for all of you!!
Two funny things that happened that I wanted to record so I wouldn't forget:
A little back story on Tans DS. Ryleigh is the one who really wanted one and he just wanted one because she did. I originally wasn't going to get him one just because we got him the 4 wheeler and Ds's aren't cheap! Well Nana had Lindsey's old DS (and when I say old. it looks brand new.) So anyway Nana wasn't using it so she said we could have it. (That's why when they unwrapped them his wasn't in a box.) Anyway ever since they found out Nana had a DS she instantly became the coolest Nana ever. Well on the way home Tanner says "Mama, my DS is just like Nana's!! Isn't that cool!"
I died laughing and said Yep, Tan Man your DS is just like Nana's!
I'm going to start the second story by saying "Ryan stresses me out!"
During the present opening process at the party (which most of you know is stressful, all the presents + all the kids = craziness!) Ryan was standing up behind me while I was on the floor helping them. The next thing I know I see Little Ryan (even though he's bigger than my Ryan I'm going to refer to him as little Ryan so you'll know who I'm talking about) hit the floor. Like completely passed out and fell on the concrete and on top of all the kids presents. It scared me to death. I wasn't paying attention so I had no idea what had happened. I then see Ryan and Aunt Velvet trying to help him up. A few seconds later I found out Ryan had put Little Ryan in a choker hold and Little Ryan never "tapped out" (that's the word they kept using) so he then passed out! I was so mad at Ryan I couldn't believe he made him pass out. Evidently it's something they do and you are suppose to "tap out" before you pass out. Little Ryan was saying that he wouldn't pass out or tap out and that Evan always had to. I was worried Aunt Cheryl was going to be mad but she wasn't. Everyone who we've told this story to has said the same thing..."Did he tap out?" "No" "Well then it's his fault, you're suppose to tap out!"
So there is your Public Service Announcement brought to you on behalf of The Stokley Family: If you ever get in a choker hold make sure you TAP OUT!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my wonderful, fabulous mothers birthday! So in honor of her birthday I thought I would list 10 random facts about her that I love so much!
1. Goodness gracious can she cook!! She is the best cook I've ever met and although some of her things are kinda to out there for me, she makes the best roast, mashed potatos and chocolate pie ever!

2. She's a wonderful speller and if you ever need to know how to pronounce something just give her a call. She gets it right every time! : )

3. She has a lot harder job than most people realize. I've always known this but just recently have came to admire her for it and they way she handles the stress of it.

4. She has a facebook-I was very surprised by this until Nana got one. Then I just went into shock! Amazingly she knows how to use it!

5. She always puts family first and always makes an effort to get us all together. Even if she does have to entice us with food!

6. I give her major props for the way she handles the Irvington/Wilmer situation. I know I give her a hard time about it but she does a good job of balancing both. Even if I sometimes wish she would move "home" permanently. (well not sometimes, all the time.)

7. She has a small obsession with Paula Deen and cooks her recipes all the time.

8. The older she gets the more and more she looks and acts like Nana!

9. Ryleigh and I both get our bossiness (is that even a word?) from her. Which contrary to popular belief is actually one of my favorite qualities I inherited. I like it when people know what they want and aren't afraid to say so. Someone has to be in charge!

10. I am very thankful for the life that her a dad provided for me. I am also thankful for the relationship that we have developed since I had kids. It's funny how thankful you become for your parents once you realize what they went through with you.

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lindsey and Brandon's wedding site

Check out Lindsey and Brandon's wedding site!
Only 211 days till the wedding! And if we are lucky Ryleigh and Tanner will have new cousins 10 months after that!! : )
Click on the link below.

Party Time!

Ryeligh and Tanner's birthdays are pretty close together, like 6 weeks apart. So instead of having a party the 2nd to the last day in February and another party the first week in April we just have one big party sometime in March. It saves time and money. I know once they are older they won't like this but right now they don't seem to care. They have the same friends and are pretty much the same age so it works well for us now.

Tonights the party night! They are excited! Ryleigh is slightly disappointed that this is just the jumping party and not the slumber party she'll get to have on her actual birthday.
Have I told that story yet? The one about her inviting half the youth group to have a slumber party at our house without asking me first. I don't think I have. I'll do that one day next week.

Anyway, wish me luck tonight that I don't pull my hair out! I may be a little more excited about it than them. We were able to get them a present that they have been asking for for months! I can't wait to see the looks on their faces!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our house through their eyes

Ryleigh and Tanner often get a hold of my camera or phone and when they do I often find pictures like this...
I know, it's my most flattering pictures yet! (in my defense I had just gotten back from running)
They were probably in the recliner all covered up with Ryleigh's comforter when they took this.
I have no idea what's going on here!
That's Ryleigh's toes and Tanner's knee...I wonder who took the picture?
The funny thing about this picture is it shows you how late we were for starts at 10:45 and we were still in the car at 10:53!
At the Boat Show. I guess they need the phone know in case they decided to pull their money together and buy a boat!
And the final picture is a look into our spice cabinet courtesy of Tanner.
These kids, there's never a dull moment!