Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So we have played a few games already and are currently undefeated! We tied the game on Saturday but I'm counting it as a win since our first baseman wasn't there and we totally would have won if he would have been there!
So far Tanner has mixed emotions about TBall. Some days he loves it and wants to play and then some days if you even mention the word he cries!
He by far isn't the best player on the team but his coaches have labeled him MIP! Most Improved Player. He is getting the hang of it.

He LOVES his helmet and pitches a fit when any of the other kids wear it. He says, "It's my helmet, Gill even put my number on the back!"
He has a hard time getting into position in a timely manner so sometimes he is "escorted" to his position!
He finds that wearing a glove is overrated. Real men catch the ball with their bare hands!
He is getting really good at hitting and even hit the ball all the way to 3rd base. Monday night he also scored a run and got an RBI. Jordan and Whitney were so surprised I knew what an RBI is. Doesn't it mean Running Back Inside because it's to hot to be out...No? Well that's what it stands for in my case! :)
He's learned that if there isn't any action in the outfield then just play in the grass and try to kiss bugs!
And lastly, if your hat is to big then you can always use your ears to help hold it up!

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