Thursday, January 31, 2013


Whit came over Tuesday night to hang out. We always have the best time when she comes over. She's been doing P90X pretty hardcore and was showing us some of the yoga moves. Ryleigh loved learning them. Whitney isn't the most flexible person. She can't even touch her toes. 

I made a very healthy dinner that even included "zucchini fries". I didn't think anyone would like them but everyone loved them and they were completely gone. It's a good thing I made a healthy dinner because after dinner we made these....
Whitney texted me a picture of these she found on the internet the other day. Well I showed Ryan and he was all about them. He actually left Tuesday night to go by the stuff to make them since Whitney was over. I'm sure these were like 50 weight watcher points! 

They were SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!! It was a reeses sandwiched between 2 oreos then dipped in white chocolate!
I've never uploaded a video before so I'm not sure this will work or not. If it does then it's definitely worth watching. It's hilarious!!!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

The past few days and weekends..

Two weekends ago I made the trip up to Cullman to see Tammy. I love gong up there we always go in the coolest shops. We never really buy much, we always just get ideas and come home and make it. She's can make anything, seriously! I've been encouraging her to open a little booth up in one of the stores and she finally decided to do it!!!! So I went up to help her get it set up. Here is her super cute booth!!!
In 2 days she had already sold 6 things!!!!
MLK day (Robert E Lee's bday as Dad always said) was spent at the park and hanging out with friends. Ry can go all the way across these monkey bars by herself!

Tuesday we went to Pump it Up with church.
The other night I went in the living room and found the kids asleep just like this. Everyone says they look like twins all the time. Here's proof they even do when they are asleep!
This past Friday I went to Merle Norman and bought all new makeup-wasn't fun for my checking account!!
Saturday we had a funeral to go to and then we spent the day in Fairhope. I love going over there and going in all the little shops.

Since I went to Tammy's and wasn't there for her to make stuff for me (so sad!!) I came home and made my own stuff on Sunday!

I love this window cork board window that covers up our ugly breaker box.
And lastly this new bookcase and sign. I bought these when I was up here and love how it turned out!

Happy Monday everyone!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tooth Fairy and Paint

Wanna know what makes for an interesting Saturday night?? Four 1st grade girls! Everyone knows Ryleigh is really into spending the night. This was the first time she's ever had people over from her class at school and they had a blast! Here they are having a tea party for dinner. Look at Ry's face in this picture, she was so excited!

Ryan and I are doing a lot of updating around our house. We have a home inspection that will be coming up for something we are doing and had a lot of odd and ends things to do. Our laundry room and pantry are the last 2 rooms we haven't painted since we built the house. Both of those rooms had that flat paint that leaves marks so bad. Ryan told me to go to Lowe's and get paint to paint them. I'm sure he thought I would get just a tan color. But those 2 rooms aren't ones that everyone sees so I wanted to get something really fun that you couldn't use in any other room. So I bought bright turquoise for the laundry room.
And Sunshine Yellow for the pantry! Ryan was a little apprehensive but it turned out really cute and fun!
This is a more accurate depiction of the laundry room. The one above didn't photograph as well. It makes me happy every time I go in there to wash clothes now! This picture was before I put everything back. We have like 100 bags that hang on those hooks. Those hooks are my lifeline for organization! I also made a cork board out of an old window that covers up that ugly box thing.
In other news, guess who lost her 2 front teeth?!?! She lost the first one a few weeks ago and I was so hoping she would lose them at the same time. The 2nd one was a few weeks behind but the first one still hadn't grown in any so it worked out. I honestly wasn't that thrilled about it because now she is going to have those awkward teeth that are so big and most of the time crooked. I did hear that you can get braces much earlier than when I was a kid so we will be looking into that when she looses all of her teeth. 
The tooth fairy left her this note, she really liked it, even though she knew I wrote it.

She looks so big in this picture!!! She will be 7 in a few short months and I am not happy about it! :)
Tanner also got his first loose tooth today, It's not quite ready to come out but he is ecstatic about it!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday Fun

Last Saturday (not this past Saturday) we had a fun filled day! Ryan recently got promoted at work (not sure if I mentioned that or not) and got stuck with the weekend shift for a few weeks. Thankfully it ended up only being 3 weeks. So last Saturday the kids and I were left with a whole Saturday to fill. We started the morning early and headed to Subway to get a picnic lunch for later. Isn't it so sad that I have gotten so bad about not cooking that I won't even make a sandwich?? It's gotten a little out of hand. If it doesn't come from Moms or a restaurant then we don't eat it. :)

We saw our favorite Subway guy at Subway! 
After a stop to pick up lunch we headed to Dauphin Island with a friend of mine and her little boy. The kids had a lot of fun hanging out there for the day. We started off by walking the boardwalk down by the water and then headed to the sea lab.

We then walked across the street and hung out at Fort Gaines. I didn't think the kids would really like the fort but I was wrong, they LOVED it! They loved going in all the tunnels and rooms.

It was a lot of walking but really fun. We then headed back to where we had parked to eat lunch and watch the 1st Mardi Gras parade of the year. We love the Dauphin Island Parade because it's very family friendly!

I laughed on the way home that the kids were all brushing their teeth with those little disposable toothbrushes.
On the way home we were sitting in traffic for FOREVER!! There were a ton of people still hanging out on the side of the road from that parade. There was this one guy that was having a hula hooping contest. Of course Ryleigh had to join in! Tanner and Ryleigh both got out of the car and entered the contest. Keep in mind we were pretty much sitting still. We may have moved 10 yards. Ryleigh won the contest and won 2 chicken legs. I told her to not worry about getting them (because I sure wasn't going to let her eat chicken from some stranger on the side of the road) but she was determined to since they were her prize! This picture was staged she didn't really eat them .
I did however, ride all the way home with 2 chicken legs in my lap!! 
When we got back to Keri's I sat them on top of her car while we were unloading my stuff into my car and I forgot about them. Her dad found them laying in her driveway the next day! haha!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Years

We spent New Years at our favorite place in the world...The Beach!!!
With my new job I can work from all over the place so I worked from the branches in the area while we spent the week at the beach with friends. For the most part the weather was great!!

Tanner wanted to try out his new kayak in the pool so Ryan got in the FREEZING cold pool at night to help him. Once it was time for Tan to get in he chickened out. TO say Ryan was a little mad would be an understatement! He wasn't to happy with Tan Man. That water was COLD!!!!

For the most part we just hung out. We went to the park and the Zoo and to dinner. We played on multiple playgrounds and walked some trails.

We also went running. This girl has really been into running lately!
New Years Eve we went to the Noon Years Ball drop at LuLu's and the kids had a blast. That night we went to dinner and then to the Wharf to watch the fireworks and the marlin drop.

Happy New Year a few weeks late!! :)