Thursday, January 31, 2013


Whit came over Tuesday night to hang out. We always have the best time when she comes over. She's been doing P90X pretty hardcore and was showing us some of the yoga moves. Ryleigh loved learning them. Whitney isn't the most flexible person. She can't even touch her toes. 

I made a very healthy dinner that even included "zucchini fries". I didn't think anyone would like them but everyone loved them and they were completely gone. It's a good thing I made a healthy dinner because after dinner we made these....
Whitney texted me a picture of these she found on the internet the other day. Well I showed Ryan and he was all about them. He actually left Tuesday night to go by the stuff to make them since Whitney was over. I'm sure these were like 50 weight watcher points! 

They were SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!! It was a reeses sandwiched between 2 oreos then dipped in white chocolate!
I've never uploaded a video before so I'm not sure this will work or not. If it does then it's definitely worth watching. It's hilarious!!!!!

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