Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I wish I were kidding but unfortunately I'm not....
Ryan got a mohawk.
I know what you're thinking; Tanner got one and his didn't turn out to bad so I'm probably overreacting but I will let you see for yourself....

See unlike Tanner's who's can be worn as a mohawk or not, Ryan's can not. He actually got it shaved. 
Also unlike Tanner's whose doesn't go all the way down the back of his head, Ryan's does. 
He originally only did this for the mission trip and when he returns he was going to completely shave it off but now he wants to keep it for a while. 
I made the mistake of letting him go off like this. We went and ate at Buffalo Wild Wings and to see Harry Potter Friday night before he left and everyone we passed commented on his mohawk! People actually liked it...I may like it to if it was just some random person I saw on the street and not MY HUSBAND!  
They made it safely to the Bahamas and are having a lot of fun. They are building a church and doing a VBS. He said the kids at VBS are wild! They will be home on Monday and I am counting down the days!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday!

This past weekend my Aunt Janet (my dad's sister) turned 65. We had a surprise party for her at Rocky Creek Catfish in Lucedale, MS. Have yall ever been there? It is far out! I don't like seafood but they had some really good hushpuppies and cheese sauce. 
We all got there around 5 and Jessica brought Aunt Janet around 5:15, she was so surprised!! It was so fun to see the look on her face!

It was really good to see everyone since we don't get to very often! 
We hope you had a great birthday Aunt Janet!!

Another big birthday that we didn't get to join in on the celebration because it was in the middle of the day Friday was Grandma Barnes! (that was a long run on sentence!)
I doubt she reads our blog but maybe mom can show her.
Happy Birthday Grandma Barnes!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


We enrolled Ryleigh in a 6 week dance camp at Robinson's School of Dance to see how she would like dance before we committed to a entire year at Melinda Leigh's. To say that she LOVED it would be a complete understatement! She LOVED it!! She would wear her leotard all day on Thursday. She took Ballet, Tap and Acrobatics. This past Thursday was her last night so the parents were allowed to come in the last 10 minutes of class. All the other kids had their moms there and a few had their dads but not Miss Priss she had a complete audience! Me, Ryan, Gi Gi, Mi Mi, La La, and Tanner. (did anyone else want to break out into song when the read through all the grandparents names??)
Their first dance was their tap dance
See how much she got into it!
Look at that form! Her arms are so straight!
After their tap dance they had to change into their ballet shoes. I don't know why but I was so proud of how well she did this. She changed her shoes with no help at all!
Here they are doing their ballet dance.
Next was Acrobatics...they could pick whatever trick was their favorite and they got the entire spotlight to themselves. She really liked this part! She chose the leap frog but had a hard time doing it because she was to busy making sure everyone was watching her.
One of the highlights for her was the flowers that Mi Mi, La La, and Grandma Barnes got her. She felt so special. She had to take them in Wintzells with us afterwards.
She is very excited about starting again in the fall at Melinda Leigh's!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Ugliest Lunch Box EVER!

I had to work Saturday so Ryan took the kids out to run some errands. He got done earlier than expected so he called me to see if I had anything that needed to be done.
As you all probably know Ryleigh starts school in 3 weeks. I ordered her backpack from LLBean and it is SO cute. So I figured I would let her pick out her own lunch box. I thought she would get something with disney princess's or tinkerbell. I figured since she had such a cute backpack I could live with a character lunch box. I told Ryan while they were out to go by Target and let her pick out a lunch box...BIG MISTAKE!
Whenever I let her pick something out I always get like 3 or 4 choices I can live with and then let her pick from those. That way she feels like she has freedom and we don't get stuck with something that looks like this......
I know it's horrible, right? He called me after they left and said that she had picked one out and he thought I would love it b/c it didn't have cartoon characters on it. He said it was a princess one with a crown. I pictured a cute little crown and maybe some polka dots or stripes. I never thought it would be an actual crown and some sort of armor shield thing! The funniest thing is they both were so proud of themselves for picking it out. I made the comment to Dawn that I was going to take it back and Ryleigh yelled "NOOO I LOVE it SOOOO much!!!!" Sorry charlie it's going back. You'll thank me when your 30 and you look back on pictures from your first day of school!

And just because I don't want a post filled with ugly pictures, here you go....
Can someone please figure out a way to freeze time???

Monday, July 13, 2009

Our weekend in review

I had to work on Saturday and Ryan was taking the youth to play paintball. So after work I met him at Xtreme Paintball to get Ryleigh and Tanner. My friend Sarah also met me there we were going to take the kids to the Malbis mall to play in the fountain they have there. The kids had SO much fun! Ryleigh and Tanner love to hang out with Zoe (Sarah's daughter). Zoe is Tanner's age and they get along pretty good.
This water fountain really is the best thing! I really wish we had one that was closer.

So cute!
Look how tall and skinny she looks!
This is Zoe or as Tanner refers to her "Zo-Zo" He says Zo-Zo is my girlfriend! She is so cute! She is a lot like Ryleigh in the way that she loves attention. She would priss all around the water fountain just looking for people to watch her! It was hilarious! Sarah and I were laughing so hard!
The 2 of them at the end of the day. They were being silly, they really aren't asleep! I wish they would have been!
Saturday night we went to a new church in Daphne called Bay Community with our friends Paul and Cheryl. It's a really cool church if anyone lives over there they should go check it out.

Sunday at our church we had Jason Crabb come and sing. I knew he was coming but I honestly didn't know it was a big deal that he was coming but our church was PACKED!
Ryleigh spent the night with Nana and so on our way to church we took Tanner by Aunt Tammy's work so he could ride in her "big truck!" He didn't believe that she drove one and he loves them! Every time we pass one on the road he yells "There's a bug truck, honk honk!" She let him honk the horn a million times and he even got to drive it.

Showing him the horn

He did really good driving until he saw a bird! He just completely stopped because he was so excited about the bird!

This coming up Saturday Ryan and our youth group leave to go on a mission trip to the Bahamas. I know that sounds more like a vacation than a mission trip but there is a whole side there that people rarely see. Please pray for them that they will have a safe trip and make an impact on the people there.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"If we would of know yall were coming we would have made a cake!"

I think when you come in at night and your feet look like this...
Then it is officially Summer!
Last night Ryan was at the church working on the lights so on my way home from work I stopped by there to get Ryleigh and Tanner. We decided on the way home we would stop by and see Nana and Paw Paw. Ryleigh said she wanted to call Whitney so she would come to so they could show Nana their new dance they made up...seriously there is a dance and it's hilarious!

Velvet and the boys came over to and the kids wanted to go outside and play. Tanner wanted to blow bubbles; unfortunately Nana couldn't find the stick to blow the bubbles so she tried a few different things to improvise. 
First there was the fork, this obviously didn't work. It just made you look like you were eating air.
Then there was the latch...that didn't work either.
Then they tried the keychain part of the latch and it didn't seem to work...
It looks like Ryleigh was finally able to blow a bubble through the keychain part of the latch! I think Nana should just go invest in some bubble wands. They are only like $1!
Whitney and Evan...they always look like they are up to something!
Aunt Velvet told me not to put any pictures of her up but oh well! There needs to be some of you on here so we have proof when they get older!
Nana, Ryleigh and Tanner
Remember I had just came from work and I HATE being hot. SO Aunt Velvet got me some of Evan's shorts to change into. I think I look pretty good! Maybe I'll start a new trend!
And while all of us were goofing off Paw Paw was actually doing something constructive!

We had so much fun. We played, tag, hide and go seek, duck duck goose and had relay races. Jordan and I stomped Whitney and Evan in the relay races! (This is my blog so no one knows if I'm lying or not!)
Well we hope everyone has a great weekend!

PS: The title of the post came from what Nana and Paw Paw both said at the same time to us when we were outside playing!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July

I've been trying to put these pictures up all week but it's been one problem after the next. Anyway though here are the pictures from our Fourth of July weekend. 
We all went to Bart's house and camped out. It was a lot of fun. Saturday night we drove the boats out on the river and watched the fireworks from there and that was really cool. I know everyone espically enjoyed the concert our boat put on on the way back to the house. It was priceless. The only thing missing from the singing and dancing was Whitney! Lindsey, Wesley, Whitney and Brandon all decided to go to the Wharf for the weekend and not even bother to invite Ryan and I....I'm still a little bitter about the whole thing! : )
We really did miss them though, it wasn't the same without them.
Tanner jumping off the pier. He would let himself just jump and go under, then float back up. He is getting SO brave!
Ryan is so good with them! He kept telling them he was leaving for Africa. Ryleigh still is asking if he has left yet.
Ryleigh wouldn't jump without someone catching her.

A rare picture of the 2 of us. I have on no makeup and it's blurry but oh well!

Tanner was SO excited he caught a fish!

Tanner and La La fishing with Mi Mi's pink fishing pole that lights up. 
Seriously, have you ever seen a cuter little boy??
Playing cards with Aunt Tena. Ryleigh invented the game, it's called "Eagle"
Getting her hair braided. It looked really cute. I can't french braid though.
Is it just me or does she look like she's about 8 here? She is getting so big!
This is more like it! She looks 3 here!
He said he ate a blue monster when he saw this picture!

We hope everyone had a great fourth!