Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I wish I were kidding but unfortunately I'm not....
Ryan got a mohawk.
I know what you're thinking; Tanner got one and his didn't turn out to bad so I'm probably overreacting but I will let you see for yourself....

See unlike Tanner's who's can be worn as a mohawk or not, Ryan's can not. He actually got it shaved. 
Also unlike Tanner's whose doesn't go all the way down the back of his head, Ryan's does. 
He originally only did this for the mission trip and when he returns he was going to completely shave it off but now he wants to keep it for a while. 
I made the mistake of letting him go off like this. We went and ate at Buffalo Wild Wings and to see Harry Potter Friday night before he left and everyone we passed commented on his mohawk! People actually liked it...I may like it to if it was just some random person I saw on the street and not MY HUSBAND!  
They made it safely to the Bahamas and are having a lot of fun. They are building a church and doing a VBS. He said the kids at VBS are wild! They will be home on Monday and I am counting down the days!!

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