Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just Some Sentences

We have been busy lately, but when are we not? Ryleigh got her progress report this week and had 5- 100's and 1- 95. The 95 was in number recognition 1-5. I'm fairly certain that she just was pre-occupied when she answered the question. She knows her numbers, especially 1-5. Tanner still hates school...I think this is an ongoing thing. He does however love soccer. He gets to practice with them every week. We are loving the weekends that consist of friends and football. Everyone please say a prayer for my Paw Paw. We are believing God for a miracle because we know he can work one. Also, please pray for Paw Paw Barnes, Larry's dad. He is still sick and in the hospital. Ryleigh and Tanner are currently obsessed with playing with cars. We've always had millions of matchbox size cars but now they seem to be everywhere. The rooster hates us. All of us.. He will literally chase you and try to attack you. The kids run after him with sticks, yelling like crazy people. It's pretty funny. Gus is better. I can't remember if I told ya'll he was sick. He was and it cost me a fortune. I'm obviously not happy about it. I'm almost done with redoing our living room. We haven't done anything major. Just new pictures on the walls and new throw pillows. It's funny how something small can make it look so different to me. It makes me happy! This weekend Ryleigh has her fall festival at school. Is it weird that I'm most looking forward to it because she'll be able to wear her new fall outfit? I'm sad that Tanner just has a orange polo to match. I'm ready for Christmas and apparently the kids are ready for Easter. They are currently hiding eggs in the living room for each other to find. Well I need to get them in bed. Good Night!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Ry decided this year that she did not want to take dance and she wanted to play soccer instead. So we signed her up! I along with everyone else honestly thought she would hate it. We thought she would go to a few practices and would be completely over the heat. That girl hates being hot or sweating. (Why, yes she is my child! :))
But believe it or not she actually loves it!! They have small teams (5 per team) so they all get to play a lot. I think she likes it because it keeps her interest. Her first game was this past Thursday. She was so excited that a lot of our family came. Sidenote: I love that. I love looking over and my kids always having their own personal cheering section. It's not just their parents or even parents and grandparents it's a whole crowd of people that are there to cheer on them. It makes me smile! So thanks everyone for coming!
She did so good in her game!! She actually played the entire 45 minutes while the coach swapped everyone else out. They technically don't keep score (although I do because someone has to win and lose and you need to know who it is.) (We lost) but Ryleigh's team had 3 goals and all 3 were scored by her!!
I really didn't know that she had kept up with how many she had gotten but at the end of the game she looked over at all of us and held 3 fingers up! 
You guys know that I'm not one to say my kids are so good at something if they aren't. But she is SOOO good at soccer!! Believe me, no one is as surprised as I am!!

Great job, Ry! We are so proud of you!!

Friday, September 23, 2011





Now if only it weren't still 90 degrees outside!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Today after church Ryan was having anxiety about not putting the boat in the water the past few weekends so we made a quick Sunday afternoon boat trip. 
 We rode to Fish River and ate at Big Daddy's restaurant in Fairhope.
 We like going there because the kids can play in the sand while we eat in peace. We went with some friends of ours so it was nice to hang out and talk while the kids played.
 It was a quick fun trip and now we are laying on the couch eating reese's and watching the Emmy's, I love watching awards shows. My dad and I used to always watch them together and would always try to guess who would win each category. Watching them makes me miss him. Ryan isn't near as good at guessing!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Have you talked to your mom yet??"

Ok, so it's no secret that I have a really close, big family. It's one of my favorite things in this world.
The downside though to having such a big, close family is that something is always going on. Seriously. Sometimes I sit back and think my goodness how can so many things happen in one family. But then I stop and think...we have a lot of people for things to happen to. Not many people count their 2nd cousins as their nieces and nephews.

One thing that drives me crazy about our family is the communication system in times of emergencies. Someone always gets left off and doesn't find out. More than once that person has been me and it drives me crazy! Technically all the aunts/moms say that they should call their kids and tell them. Well for some reason my mom forgets she has me!
Since this happens often Whitney and I for some reason always look out for each other. As soon as we hear news good or bad we make sure the other one has heard. Most times the other one hasn't heard yet. What I hate though is we usually are communicating by text and the text always start with...

"Have you talked to your mom yet??"

Anytime the name Whitney Ivy and this text pops up on my screen my heart DROPS! Like last night when I'm sitting at soccer and I get that text. I immediately respond with, "No, what's wrong????" Well then Whitney takes her sweet time writing me back while I'm sitting in the grass at soccer about to have a heart attack. Finally I call her and she said, I was just about to hit send! She goes on to tell me about what had happened and who was currently hospitalized. (It was lil' Ryan and he is fine, thank goodness!)

I basically yelled at her for texting me that first sentence and said from then on out she needs to just text what happened. (She did the same thing when Evan was in the hospital click on that to read about it)  The time from that sentence to finding out what happened is torture! She then pointed out when Paw Paw was in the hospital I did the same thing to her!

We need a new intro line Whit....any suggestions?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, Do you ever remember having these chubby faced little kids? I sure don't! They have grown up way to fat and that makes me sad. Now they are by far the tallest and by far the skinniest in their classes. Someone should really feed them. Dear Ryleigh, I don't think I'm going to be able to handle kindergarten. I really don't. Yesterday you came home with a folded note in your backpack. When I opened it it said Erica and then her phone number. I do not feel like you are old enough to be swapping notes and phone numbers with your friends at school. Dear Tanner, you still hate football and you still hate school. You told mom the only thing going good in your life right now is bowling. You are officially crazy! Dear Tammy, I told you Pininterst was the best thing ever! You're welcome! Dear drive to Birmingham, I hope I don't have to drive you for a VERY long time. 6 times in 8 days was enough for me. Dear Mom, I hope your life becomes less stressful soon. We love you. Dear Paw Paw, we are still praying for you! I hope you get to feeling better soon. Dear Whitney, I am mad at you. You know why, the end. Dear Operation Starvation, you start on Monday. 4 weeks out of town and being able to expense meals has caught up with me. Dear Courtney, Your enthusiam makes me smile, so does your love of of white trash bags, LOL!!! Dear Lindsey, we haven't seen you and Brandon in a while. Come this way soon. Dear Aunt Lisa, I can't believe you wouldn't let Ry and Tan come over and take baths at your house tonight! They come up with the weirdest request. Dear Aunt Cheryl, I am mad at your daughter and I am also mad at you. You both know why. (I'm not really mad just so everyone knows! :)) Dear Ryan, this weekend will be full of football, football and more football. It would end up being the perfect weekend if Mississippi State beats Auburn! I love you more than I love Alabama Football!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend we went to my sisters house in Cullman, AL. I was not looking forward to the drive but I was really looking forward to seeing her. We hadn't seen her since June when she came up for Ry's dance recital. Mom made the trip with us and it was fun to make the drive with her and spend some time with her. 
 Tammy got them both presents. She got Ry some canvases. Ry is really into painting and painted Tammy a huge picture to put in her house. Seriously, it's as big as Ry. She got Tanner this skateboard that he loved!! She typed up this whole letter like the skateboard was from Lightening McQueen and he was so excited about it.

 I took some pictures of her house so everyone could see it. Grant it they aren't great pictures because I took them with my phone but at least you can kinda see it. This is the view out her front window in the living room. It's absolutely beautiful and you can see for miles. She doesn't have any neighbors. The have like 10 or 15 acres and their house is right in the middle of it.

 Tanner loved riding Jimmy's tractor!
 This is her kitchen and of course mom was cooking in it. She made Tammy a chocolate cake for her birthday that was a few weeks ago.
 This is her living room. Like I said the pictures are awful. The whole house has an "old farmhouse" theme. She's decorated with a lot of re purposed stuff and antiques.

 This is her breakfast area/dining room. I love the shelf on the wall. She made it from on old board.
 This is a wall in her den. I love the Red Brick (you can't tell it's brick here) and I love the clock!
 Another shot of the den. This is Jimmy's "Man Cave!" It's where their only TV is in the house. Tammy HATES TV.
 This is Tammy office. She has like 4 of those bookcases filled with books and it looks so cool in there.
 This is the view out of her office.
 And this is their bedroom. I wish I would have gotten better pictures. I just snapped these real quick before we left. I didn't even think to get one of the front of the house. It's so cute with a white picket fence that goes all the way around their front and backyard. I'm so happy for her and her new beautiful house!
While we were there she took me to some really cool antique shops and I got a ton of stuff! I know this all looks kinda like junk but it's going to look so cute in our house when I'm done!
We had a great weekend! It was really nice to be out of Mobile and not in all the rain. I hope everyone else had a great Labor Day. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, I hope you have an awesome time white water rafting this weekend! I'm sad I couldn't go. I hope yall have a great time! Maybe when you get back we can actually hang out. I feel like I haven't seen you in forever. That's probably because I haven't. Dear Aunt Lisa, Tanner is fine. I was going to make some type of smart allelic joke here but I'll spare you! :) Dear Ryleigh, I'm so glad soccer went so well this week and I'm so glad you enjoyed it. You said you didn't even get hot, which is a miracle. Dear Tanner, I'm sorry I "wasn't choosing God's way" last night when I chose to not help you clean up the mess you made. You made the mess, you clean it up. I'm sure God would agree with me. Dear Paw Paw, I'm so glad you are out of the hospital and feeling better!! We love you!! Dear Tammy, we are looking forward to seeing you this weekend! I am however not looking forward to the drive. Boo! Dear Mrs. Carter, Tanner asked me last night if I had your phone number. When I told him I did he wanted to call you so he could "call in sick to school." Dear Room Service, you were delightful this week. It was so nice to just call a number and have them deliver crazy amounts of food right to your door.  Dear Tanner, I love when I told you to put on your new sunglasses so I could take your picture, the above picture is what you did instead. I also think it's crazy that you and Ryleigh both own Costa's now. Your Dad is INSANE! Dear INSANE husband of mine, Although you are insane and literally buy the kids whatever they want I still love you. I have to repeat that to myself over and over again sometimes like when you buy them insane things! :) I love you more than you like spending money.