Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, Do you ever remember having these chubby faced little kids? I sure don't! They have grown up way to fat and that makes me sad. Now they are by far the tallest and by far the skinniest in their classes. Someone should really feed them. Dear Ryleigh, I don't think I'm going to be able to handle kindergarten. I really don't. Yesterday you came home with a folded note in your backpack. When I opened it it said Erica and then her phone number. I do not feel like you are old enough to be swapping notes and phone numbers with your friends at school. Dear Tanner, you still hate football and you still hate school. You told mom the only thing going good in your life right now is bowling. You are officially crazy! Dear Tammy, I told you Pininterst was the best thing ever! You're welcome! Dear drive to Birmingham, I hope I don't have to drive you for a VERY long time. 6 times in 8 days was enough for me. Dear Mom, I hope your life becomes less stressful soon. We love you. Dear Paw Paw, we are still praying for you! I hope you get to feeling better soon. Dear Whitney, I am mad at you. You know why, the end. Dear Operation Starvation, you start on Monday. 4 weeks out of town and being able to expense meals has caught up with me. Dear Courtney, Your enthusiam makes me smile, so does your love of of white trash bags, LOL!!! Dear Lindsey, we haven't seen you and Brandon in a while. Come this way soon. Dear Aunt Lisa, I can't believe you wouldn't let Ry and Tan come over and take baths at your house tonight! They come up with the weirdest request. Dear Aunt Cheryl, I am mad at your daughter and I am also mad at you. You both know why. (I'm not really mad just so everyone knows! :)) Dear Ryan, this weekend will be full of football, football and more football. It would end up being the perfect weekend if Mississippi State beats Auburn! I love you more than I love Alabama Football!

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