Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Have you talked to your mom yet??"

Ok, so it's no secret that I have a really close, big family. It's one of my favorite things in this world.
The downside though to having such a big, close family is that something is always going on. Seriously. Sometimes I sit back and think my goodness how can so many things happen in one family. But then I stop and think...we have a lot of people for things to happen to. Not many people count their 2nd cousins as their nieces and nephews.

One thing that drives me crazy about our family is the communication system in times of emergencies. Someone always gets left off and doesn't find out. More than once that person has been me and it drives me crazy! Technically all the aunts/moms say that they should call their kids and tell them. Well for some reason my mom forgets she has me!
Since this happens often Whitney and I for some reason always look out for each other. As soon as we hear news good or bad we make sure the other one has heard. Most times the other one hasn't heard yet. What I hate though is we usually are communicating by text and the text always start with...

"Have you talked to your mom yet??"

Anytime the name Whitney Ivy and this text pops up on my screen my heart DROPS! Like last night when I'm sitting at soccer and I get that text. I immediately respond with, "No, what's wrong????" Well then Whitney takes her sweet time writing me back while I'm sitting in the grass at soccer about to have a heart attack. Finally I call her and she said, I was just about to hit send! She goes on to tell me about what had happened and who was currently hospitalized. (It was lil' Ryan and he is fine, thank goodness!)

I basically yelled at her for texting me that first sentence and said from then on out she needs to just text what happened. (She did the same thing when Evan was in the hospital click on that to read about it)  The time from that sentence to finding out what happened is torture! She then pointed out when Paw Paw was in the hospital I did the same thing to her!

We need a new intro line Whit....any suggestions?

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