Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus Party

Every year Nana has a Happy Birthday Jesus party and it has become one of my favorite things about Christmas. I love hanging out with all my cousins and just goofing off!
Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.
Isn't this a really good picture of Nana!
Nana reading the Christmas story.

Evan not listening to the Christmas story! You need to get on to him Nana!
Mrs. Pam was able to join us this time and we were so happy to have her!!
This dance is hilarious! You may remember me posting last year about Nana doing it. I guess she's making it an annual tradition.  This year she was able to get Whitney to join in also!

We also played Taboo after we ate. Nana was surprisingly good at it and Aunt Velvet was surprisingly bad at it! : )

Ok, I think that is the last of my Christmas post!

Happy Birthday Jesus Party

Nana had her annual Happy Birthday Jesus party that included her annual Santa dancing. This year she got Ryleigh to join in. It's just priceless, I should really get it on video one year!
We played Taboo and had a lot of fun. Nana was surprisingly good at this game. Velvet was surprisingly bad at it! : )
We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus!
Mrs. Pam is so sweet and got Ryleigh and Tanner presents. This is what she got Ry and let me tell you what those pink feathers are all over our house!
Doesn't Nana look so good in this picture!

Evan and Tanner...obviously Evan was not listening to the Christmas story! 
Nana reading the Christmas story. 
Ryleigh and Mrs. Pam
I love traditions  like this that we have in our family! It's so much fun and you know we look for any excuse to get together!!