Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This week the kids were suppose to stay at their BB's house for the week, including nights. Well since we thought they would be gone all week we sent Ryan's mom to the beach. Why do things never work out like you plan??

We got a text around 9 tonight and saying Tanner wanted to come home. Well that's just fine until Ryan and I both have to be at work early in the morning. Like he leaves at 5 AM and I'll have to leave at 6:30 for a meeting.

I'm kinda surprised Ryan wasn't aggravated at him when we went to pick him up. Thankfully we were already out by their house eating dinner so we didn't have to make a special trip. He said he couldn't be mad because he knows that Tanner is a homebody.

Bless his heart he really is. Well I wouldn't actually say a homebody because he could care less about actually being home. He is a "wants to be with his parents" boy. He can be gone from home for forever as long as he's with me or Ryan. It's so funny to me how completely opposite him and Ryleigh are. She could be gone for weeks and never think twice about us. She actually got upset when we went to get him thinking we were going to make her come home as well.

So now he's laying in our bed asleep and couldn't be happier. I'm going to savor these moments when he doesn't like to be away from us for more than a day or two.

Goodnight Tan Man! Love you!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Miss me?

So I realize I didn't post anything last week. We had a crazy week. I was suppose to fly out of town for work on Monday but then we had some things happen at work and I ended up staying here. We had a great week though! The kids are just enjoying their Summer. Ryleigh has attend a few VBS's and Tanner has missed her greatly. This week they both get to go to VBS at Ryan's Aunt's church. They are super excited about it! They will go today and actually spend the night with her until Friday. Stop, right now and say a little prayer for her. She'll have 15 or so kids at her house all this week STAYING THE NIGHT! I know, Bless her heart! They enjoy it so much though!

This weekend we didn't do to much. Friday night the kids both had someone spend the night then Saturday morning we went to see Cars 2. It was really cute. We spent Saturday afternoon shopping and hanging out in Malbis. Ryan spent entirely to much money on boat stuff so he took the kids Saturday night to the races. Which means I got to stay home by myself! It was glorious!

We have a busy few weeks coming up and a few past things to post. So I will be back soon! I hope everyone has a great Monday!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday's Letter

Dear Boat Owner Husband of mine, Today is D Day with the boat. You are suppose to be getting it today. Maybe the last minute prayers I'm throwing up will work. If not I think this will go down as your favorite Father's Day ever. Dear Dad, I'm not a cliche type person so you wouldn't think that Father's Day would make me miss you more than normal but it does. I think it's all the "dad" songs they play on the radio during this time. I miss you and I wish you were here so we could celebrate Father's Day with breakfast at Sidney's! Love you! Dear Uncle Terry, I'm glad you didn't die of a heart attack this past week when you saw the above snake in your yard. I would have to say I have never seen you so scared in my life. I'm glad you killed it though. Dear Tanner, The above picture kinda grosses me out. I had nightmares all that night about this snake. It was huge. thankfully we didn't see it on our way home from aunt Lisa's and Uncle Terry's that night. I'm glad they were the ones to find him. Dear Courtney, I'm so looking forward to floating on a raft in the pool all day tomorrow with you! Dauphin Island here we come! Dear Aunts who obviously don't love me as much as I thought they did, My feelings are still hurt from last weekend but I guess I will let it go. I promise you guys would have had more fun with me, Whitney and Lindsey! Dear Lisa (Williams), it would probably be a good idea for you to make some new friends...I'm not to sure about the people you hang out with! (I guess that would include me! LOL) :) Dear Ryleigh, you said something this week that was so hilarious I literally couldn't stop laughing. I am however not going to put it on here because when your older and find out I posted it for all the world to see you would probably be pretty upset with me. Thank you for making me laugh. Dear Ryan, I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day weekend. I really do even though I hope some last minute craziness will ruin your boat deal. I love you more that you love your new boat...well actually I don't know if that is possible.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The weekend

This past weekend was something rare around our house...we didn't have plans. SHOCKER!

We got up Saturday morning and decided to head to Dauphin Island for the day. Lincoln had spent the night with Dawn on Friday night so we took him along with us.

The kids had a lot of fun but Tanner was a little disappointed. They didn't have the petting tank out. It was a huge let down for him.

They played in this ship for the longest time

This was their favorite exhibit. The turtles would swim right up to the top. It had a huge sign that said do not touch the animals...oh well! They should have made the aquarium taller! :)

We saw all of these crabs at the beach. Tanner was so excited about them. He said, "Take a picture of them and Facebook it!" I think it's hilarious that he even has a concept of what Facebook is.

We then headed over to my friend Paige's house on the island to spend the afternoon. She has the cutest little girl, Pearce.

This dummy mom forgot to bring bathing suits so Ryleigh swam in Tanner's shirt and her panties and both boys swam in their underwear. It was hilarious!

The ice cream truck went right by!

And they made a huge mess eating it! Especially Pearce. She would take a lick and then give a lick to Milly, the dog. We were dying laughing!

Once they all got dressed (minus underwear for everyone) we went to dinner on the island and then headed home.

I know some of you may be waiting for me to blog about the trip everyone took to the river this weekend minus Lindsey, Whitney and I, who were not invited. Once I get over my feelings being hurt I may have a few words to say about the incident. But until then I'm just staying silent. :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Shopping with Nana

This past week Ryleigh went to VBS with Nana at her church all week. (Tanner wasn't quite old enough to go.) She had so much fun! Her friend Anna that she goes to school with was there all week. Thursday after VBS Ryleigh and Nana went shopping. One of Ryleigh's favorite things to do! Nana had picked something up for Tanner that was around $5 and told Ryleigh she would buy her something as well. Well look at what she found....

The biggest stuffed dog EVER! I took a picture of it in the ottoman so you might would be able to tell how big it is.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I can't stand stuffed animals...especially ones that are as big as my couch! When Nana told mom, mom immediately said "Tiffany is going to be so mad!" Aunt Velvet texted me and said "How do you like the newest member of your family??"

As much as I don't like the huge dog I'm glad Ryleigh loves it so much! She had a great time spending the week with you, Nana Thank you for buying her an insanely huge dog that we now have nowhere to put! :)

Love you Nana!

Dance Recital

I just realized I never posted the pictures from Ryleigh's recital last Saturday. She did so good and we were so proud of her!!!

Here she is on the way to the civic center. Aunt Tammy did her make up and it looked wonderful!
Ryleigh swore we had put fake eyelashes on her but we hadn't. Her eyelashes are just that beautiful! She kept trying to pull them off. It was hilarious!

This was her hip hop costume and her favorite dance of all. She surprised us all and did really good in hip hop. Tanner said he wants to take it next year. I think we may let him.

Her she is with her trophy. She loved it! She has such a sweet dad.

Here is her tap costume. This was my favorite costume. It was so cute! My friend Christy commented how the girl behind Ryleigh looks so nervous!

Here's her acro costume. She did good in acro...except for her cartwheel. All I can say about her cartwheel is Bless Her Heart!

And lastly was Ballet. She is not the most graceful person but she did wonderful!

She had such a fun time! We were there all afternoon. From 3 until almost 8. She had the most fun at the finale. I'm so glad we decided to do it this year. She loved the balloons falling down on them.

We are so proud of how good you did at your recital Ryleigh!!! You danced so well and looked absolutely beautiful!!!!

We love you!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rain, rain, rain

One of the advantages of living on a dirt road...when it rains for 2 days you have the best mud puddles to play in!

I had put up my phone but by the time they were done they had added a slide, dump truck, garage can and a shovel to the huge "mud pond" as they called it.

Tonight was a fun night. They came in freezing cold and covered in muddy water. My laundry room is now a mess.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Aunt Tammy

We were so glad that Aunt Tammy came to visit this weekend.

We missed her so much!

We were sad to see her go.

And can't wait for her to come back again!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, I just hung up the phone with you and was aggravated. But I'm going to write you a letter anyway. :) The otter box you just bought better NEVER come off of your new iPhone 4. EVER. You hate otter boxes so I have no idea why you would let the stupid AT&T girl talk you into one. Whatever though. Dear Ryleigh, good luck at your recital! I'm so excited about it. Dear Dance Moms, please don't freak out tomorrow if your daughter sits down in her costume or forgets a part of their dance. IT'S NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL! They are 5 and are there to have fun. Stop living life through your children. Dear mood, please change for the better, effective now! Dear Tammy, I'm SOOOOO excited you are coming home this weekend. It's been way to long! Dear iPhone 3G of Ryan's, you had a fight with the ocean and the ocean won. This makes me sad. Dear Aunt Lisa, Thanks for letting us use your blackberry for a few days. That thing is confusing! Dear Erin Condren Designs, your new planner I have ordered is going to make my life complete. How have I made it this long without you? So excited to get you in August. Dear Ryan, although I may be aggravated at you I have to say that you are by far the best dad in the world. Tanner received a trophy after playing TBall and Ryleigh was so upset that she didn't have one. So today, on your off day, the day before her recital you went and designed her a trophy. Thankfully the place can have it ready today. I can't wait to see her face tomorrow when you give it to her. She will carry it around proudly. The only girl at the recital with a trophy. I really think you should get an award for best dad. Don't expect it on Father's Day though. You just bought a new phone.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011