Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The weekend

This past weekend was something rare around our house...we didn't have plans. SHOCKER!

We got up Saturday morning and decided to head to Dauphin Island for the day. Lincoln had spent the night with Dawn on Friday night so we took him along with us.

The kids had a lot of fun but Tanner was a little disappointed. They didn't have the petting tank out. It was a huge let down for him.

They played in this ship for the longest time

This was their favorite exhibit. The turtles would swim right up to the top. It had a huge sign that said do not touch the animals...oh well! They should have made the aquarium taller! :)

We saw all of these crabs at the beach. Tanner was so excited about them. He said, "Take a picture of them and Facebook it!" I think it's hilarious that he even has a concept of what Facebook is.

We then headed over to my friend Paige's house on the island to spend the afternoon. She has the cutest little girl, Pearce.

This dummy mom forgot to bring bathing suits so Ryleigh swam in Tanner's shirt and her panties and both boys swam in their underwear. It was hilarious!

The ice cream truck went right by!

And they made a huge mess eating it! Especially Pearce. She would take a lick and then give a lick to Milly, the dog. We were dying laughing!

Once they all got dressed (minus underwear for everyone) we went to dinner on the island and then headed home.

I know some of you may be waiting for me to blog about the trip everyone took to the river this weekend minus Lindsey, Whitney and I, who were not invited. Once I get over my feelings being hurt I may have a few words to say about the incident. But until then I'm just staying silent. :)

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