Monday, June 13, 2011

Shopping with Nana

This past week Ryleigh went to VBS with Nana at her church all week. (Tanner wasn't quite old enough to go.) She had so much fun! Her friend Anna that she goes to school with was there all week. Thursday after VBS Ryleigh and Nana went shopping. One of Ryleigh's favorite things to do! Nana had picked something up for Tanner that was around $5 and told Ryleigh she would buy her something as well. Well look at what she found....

The biggest stuffed dog EVER! I took a picture of it in the ottoman so you might would be able to tell how big it is.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I can't stand stuffed animals...especially ones that are as big as my couch! When Nana told mom, mom immediately said "Tiffany is going to be so mad!" Aunt Velvet texted me and said "How do you like the newest member of your family??"

As much as I don't like the huge dog I'm glad Ryleigh loves it so much! She had a great time spending the week with you, Nana Thank you for buying her an insanely huge dog that we now have nowhere to put! :)

Love you Nana!

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