Monday, June 23, 2014

Whitney's birthday!

Ok so a little back story on this...Whitney doesn't spend money on "things." She'll go out with friends or on trips but she doesn't buy "stuff." She has been wanting a workout watch since she turned into Hulk Hogan. (Remember him??) she found one she loved on Amazon. She debated buying it for a solid week and FINALLY took the plunge! (It wasn't even that expensive) She tracked it down to the day it was supposed to be delivered. Well this is what happens when you let me know that the package we've been talking about for weeks is being delivered...
I steal it!!! My original plan was to send her on a scavenger hunt for it. But then realized she may want to work out with it that day so I didn't. I really wish I would have though. I sent her the above picture with no words and she wrote back "why do you have my package at nanas!" I couldn't figure out how she knew I was at nanas with it. Later she said she zoomed in to see the name and saw the well in the background. She's a regular Sherlock Holmes! 

Nana, you may think I'm to busy to come by but the above picture is proof, I'm not. You are to busy for me since you weren't home! Since nana wasn't home for me to bum wrapping paper I had to go to the dollar store. I wrapped it up with a 5 year old birthday card and all! 
How much more fun is it to come home to a package that's all wrapped up?? 

Hope you love your birthday present Whitney because I sure love you!! 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekend fun

I'm just going to pretend that I didn't stop blogging for the past few months. We've been busy and this just kinda fell to the back burner. I honestly hate blogging but love having it to look back on. 

Last weekend kicked off summer in our books and it was spent at the beach, as was this weekend, and every weekend for the next 4 months! 

Friday night we met friends for dinner at an awesome new place called the Cayman Grill. It had a great atmosphere and great food! 
Saturday we met some other friends at Waterville. The kids had a blast! We planned to just stay for a few hours but ended up there all day pretty much. We have season passes so it's nice to not feel like you have to stay all day. 
That night we went to dinner at The Gulf. 

We NEVER get dressed for dinner two nights in a row! We actually never get dressed up for dinner at the beach ever. Not sure what got into us this weekend. 
Sunday Ryan and Ryleigh were going snapper fishing so me and this cutie were on our own. We had the best day! We spent the day at the beach with friends. When everyone was leaving around 4 Tanner and I had no plans and still had to wait on Ryan and Ry. We headed to the wharf and ended up seeing a movie, shopping, riding the Ferris wheel and doing the ropes course and zip line. 
It was fun to have some one on one time with Tanner. I found out that he is super excited about 2nd grade but is sad he won't have Mrs. Hall again. He also kinda admitted to liking a girl in his class! He'll deny it now though :) 
While we were enjoying our time together so were these two. They limited out on snapper! Ry had fun hanging with Ryan. She did say that she will never be happier to see a shower! Lol! 
It was a great weekend! We are all exhausted though, obviously since Tanner couldn't finish eating! We won't be home until like 11 and all have work and school tomorrow. It's not going to be pretty at our house in the morning. I can already tell! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Playing Catch Up

I haven't blogged in a while so now I'm playing catch up!

For Valentines Day at school we made these cute Minion valentines. I would like to state for the record though how much I hate making things like this. I also hate the pressure that Pinterest puts on us these days to be creative! I also hate how stay at home moms always show me up, EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. Sure, I could make cute snacks for Earth Day and cut flowers out of sandwiches too if I didn't have a job! Ok maybe I should stop there before I make people mad. I won this Valentines though, just for the record. :) lol!

Ryleigh got some super cute new outfits from a line of clothes we both can agree on, Matilda Jane. She's at the stage where she doesn't like smocked but I'm not a fan of little girls in jeans all the time. So here is our compromise! I also don't wear jeans much, if at all, so I guess I'm pushing my habits on her!

Ryan and Kiersten are engaged!! I'll have to do a post on the whole thing once we get the video back but it was the best proposal I have ever seen!! Everything went great and he put so much time and effort into it. We are all so happy for them!!

Pretty much my favorite group of people!

Ryleigh is reading chapter books and has finished most of the Boxcar Children and moved on to The Babysitters Club! I loved those books when I was a kid! I ordered the movie for her off of Amazon and we watched it with Whitney the other night. It was so fun!

Ry and Tan were on when Ryan took them to Mardi Gras. They were excited about that!

Aunt Cheryl texted me this pick the other day. She was cleaning out and found this old book of Whitney's. From a young age she's always known I was cool!

And lastly...why does Ryan feel the need to text me at 3 am??? I sent this to Whit one morning when he texted me 3 times before 5 am. I'm sorry Ryan, but unless you are stranded or hospitalized it can wait until 7 am when I get up. Whitney had to ask me something the next day about the eye dr and sent it right at 7, lol! Oh and just ignore my unread text, haha!

Universal Studios

I guess this may become a yearly thing...birthday trips to Universal! Around the same time last year we went as well. We had a blast! we met some friends of ours down there who were leaving on Monday when we did, for a cruise out of Miami. Evan also stayed until Saturday afternoon. The kids had a great time and Ryleigh rode all the big roller coasters! I was so proud of her!! We went for 3 days (Friday-Sunday) which worked out great because we weren't rushed. We left Sunday around lunch and went to the outlets, Cheesecake Factory and Downtown Disney.

I love this picture!!

And this one too! We had suck a fun few days with this group! The weather was PERFECT! 75 and sunny the whole time!!

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We busted the kids out of school early on Wednesday and headed to Orlando! It worked out perfect for Evan to go with us. He had to be in Tampa Saturday afternoon for Spring training. So he went down with us and spent a few days with us. It was so great to hang out with him before he's gone for 7 months!

Thursday morning this is how I found Tan and Evan. Tanner LOVES LOVES LOVES Evan! Thankfully Evan loves him too! Ryleigh-not so much, lol! They drive each other crazy. :)

We got up and headed to Legoland!! Tan was super excited!!! He has a love of Legos that is borderline unhealthy! We even have a subscription to a lego site that works like netflix. This park was so fun!! It was geared for ages 10 and under in my opinion and was right up Tanner alley! He rode every roller coaster and ride!

Me and Evan kept SnapChatting Whitney, Jordan and Lindsey the whole time! It was fun!

Seriously, Evan barely fit on some of the rides. He was a great sport!

We ended the night at T-Rex in Downtown Disney!

I think this guy had a great birthday!

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Location:Birthday Celebration Cont...

Tanner is SEVEN!!

Man how time flies! Tan Man turned 7 on the 26th. In true Stokley fashion we celebrated for days and days. I think one day is too short for a birthday. Everyone should get at least 2 weeks. The Friday night before his Wednesday birthday I took a friend of his and him to the movies and to eat. They had a great time! We saw the Lego Movie (shocker, I know!)

Saturday we hung out in Ocean Springs at the boat show (we finally bought a bigger boat) (mixed feelings in this family, lol!) then went birthday shopping for Tanner. He wanted some new tennis shoes and no lie we went to 11 shoe stores! He doesn't mind shopping when it's for him. :)

Monday night we had a little party for him. Seriously is was so last minute. Semmes has a new Chill and we were the first party! It was the perfect place for a low key party. I would highly recommended them!

Wednesday, his actual birthday, we unfortunately sent him to school. Good news is we were getting him out early and he got to miss Thursday and Friday. I don't think anyone should ever have to go to school or work on their birthday. We took doughnuts to his class. I also wrapped 3 presents and put them in his lunch box. This was a HUGE hit!! He loved that surprise!

Can't believe my baby boy is SEVEN!!!

And my word what a difference one year makes!

Happy Birthday sweet Tanner! We love you!

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Location:Tan Man's 7th birthday

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Birthday and Mardi Gras!

Our Linda Lou turned 30 this past week!!! We had a "surprise" party for her at Sam Miguel. I didn't take very many pictures but here is one of me and Blake and then the birthday girl with her awesome cake!

Saturday we made a day of going to the first Mardi Gras parade in DI. We went over early and stayed way after. We walked around and grilled out and played games. It was such a fun day!!

Now we are watching the Super Bowl and getting ready for the week ahead!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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