Monday, June 23, 2014

Whitney's birthday!

Ok so a little back story on this...Whitney doesn't spend money on "things." She'll go out with friends or on trips but she doesn't buy "stuff." She has been wanting a workout watch since she turned into Hulk Hogan. (Remember him??) she found one she loved on Amazon. She debated buying it for a solid week and FINALLY took the plunge! (It wasn't even that expensive) She tracked it down to the day it was supposed to be delivered. Well this is what happens when you let me know that the package we've been talking about for weeks is being delivered...
I steal it!!! My original plan was to send her on a scavenger hunt for it. But then realized she may want to work out with it that day so I didn't. I really wish I would have though. I sent her the above picture with no words and she wrote back "why do you have my package at nanas!" I couldn't figure out how she knew I was at nanas with it. Later she said she zoomed in to see the name and saw the well in the background. She's a regular Sherlock Holmes! 

Nana, you may think I'm to busy to come by but the above picture is proof, I'm not. You are to busy for me since you weren't home! Since nana wasn't home for me to bum wrapping paper I had to go to the dollar store. I wrapped it up with a 5 year old birthday card and all! 
How much more fun is it to come home to a package that's all wrapped up?? 

Hope you love your birthday present Whitney because I sure love you!! 

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