Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day

Ryleigh had a Mothers Day Tea at school. It was a lot of fun and she was so excited about it! 

They had to draw pictures of their moms and Mrs. Squires hung them all over the class room. Each mom was asked to stand in front of the picture they thought was them. I'm one of the few that got it right! Ryleigh said she drew me with chevron print and a necklace because she knew I would know that was me! 
 It was s nice, They did a lot of sweet things to make the moms feel special.

 I've seen these all over FB and they really do make me laugh!
 But this is even funnier. Mrs. Squires asked them to write as many adjetivites as they could in 5 minutes to describe their moms. Here's what Ry said about me...
Beautiful; noce; black hair; hazel eyes; wears dresses; loves to dance funny; loves people (she must have me confused with someone else :); likes kids (???); Loves to go to the beach; loves to go to the pool; fun; sweet; happy; pretty; doesn't cook (lol!!); She is the nicest mom in the world; prettiest mom in the world; hairs long; lovely; wonderful; playful; coo coo!

I think that sums me up perfectly!!
 Sunday we went to mom's church for Blakeley's baby dedication. She looked beautiful!!

 The 2 prettiest girls in the whole wide world!

 Here is Tanner's about mom project from school...
That afternoon we had lunch with our whole family then a lo of us went to see Iron Man 3. It was a fun day!

I need to say Happy Mother's Day to the 2 best moms in the world....I do have to say, they both have some pretty cool kids!! :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wedding Weekend

I am EXHAUSTED!!! We have had a busy fun weekend! One of my best friends Lindsay got married this weekend and we were so excited to be apart of their special day! Ryan was in charge of making a table that was going to go at the alter. He was nervous about having that much attention on something he made. It turned out excellent though! 
 Friday morning we had the bridesmaid brunch. It was decorated to pretty and the food was delicious! I only managed to get this one pic of the centerpieces.
 Linda Lou and her 2 flower girls.
 I love these 2 girls!
Friday afternoon the school called because Tanner was running a 102 fever. So a quick trip to the doctor and we found out he has strep throat. GREAT! Stomach virus last week and strep throat this week! Not fun! We opted to let him rest Friday night while we went to the rehearsal dinner. He got to hang out with Aunt Whitney.

The rehearsal dinner was at this barn, which could hardly be referred to as a barn. My Dad would have LOVED it! It was insane!

 When we got home that night, Ryleigh drew this picture of Lindsay and Russell. I love the duck lips!
 This was from the bridesmaid lunch but I couldn't get it to move up.
 Saturday morning we were up early and after a crappy salon canceling on us we finally were able to get ready. Here the girls are with their hair and makeup.
I made this collage and noticed that Tanner must be Lindsey's favorite. I couldn't find any of her and Ryleigh.
 Here is the final alter! Everyone LOVED it!!! Ryan had the florist wanting him to make her one.
 Beautiful Bride!

 I have no idea why their faces look so weird in this pic.
 Tanner and his friend Caden. They were inseparable all day and night long!

 She had a candy bar and an ice cream sundae bar. I forgot to get a pick of the grooms "room" but it was done in Atlanta Braves. He had an Atlanta braves cake and all the food that was served in there was "ballpark food and drinks." It was so cute!!
 Pretty girls!

 Dancing with her Daddy! I can't wait to use this picture one day at Ryleigh's wedding. Well actually, I take that back. I can wait! :)
 They were soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired! None of us wanted to get up this morning for church.
And I'll leave you with these pics from the photo booth....

 Why, yes she is my daughter. What in the world made you ask that??? :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spring Break Part 1

We had a great Spring Break! This was the first year that my family didn't all go to the beach together and I was pretty bummed about that! 

Friday I headed to Destin to stay the weekend for my friend Lindsay's bachelorette party. She's getting married in a week from today! 

Someone left this shirt in teh condo and it was a size 7, like as in little girls size 7!
Her mom bought all of us these beach coverups to wear. We wore them to WalMart that night. Seriously, I went to WalMart like that!
It was a beautiful weekend!! 
Ryan and the kids met me at the beach and Sunday we went to church and to eat at Lamberts. The kids love Lamberts.
The first part of the week Mom, Morgan and Carlee came and stayed with us. We also had some of our other good friends down there too. So the kids had tons of kids to play with!!

I have more pics to post but didn't want to overdo it in one post. :)