Friday, September 28, 2012

All About Me

The kids have had their start of the year projects at school. Unfortunately I wasn't home to help them but thankfully they have a pretty awesome Dad! Tans was a pretty straightforward fill in the blank one. It was the first thing about school Tanner has ever been excited about! I picked him up from school the day he got the project but left that afternoon so I couldn't help him with it. On the way home from school though he told me what he was putting in all the blanks. A snake for his favorite animal, half black and half red for his favorite color and Mi Mi's meatloaf and her lemon pie for his favorite food. Should I take offense that when I asked him what his favorite thing I make is, he said cereal, lol!! Guess I need to be extra thankful for my mom's home cooked meals!! I know Ryan really has been the past few weeks. 
 Ry's project was a little harder. She had to put something for each year of her life. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little nervous what they were going to do for hers. It turned out great though! I think she was probably the only one with an actual ballet shoe and iPhone glued to her poster board. There's writing on the poster to but it didn't show up good in the picture. Whit, did you notice they cropped you out of that one picture? :)
Great job guys on yall's first projects!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Here Chickey Chickey

Moral of these pictures: never leave Ryan alone at home with the kids. They may go to the livestock sale, when they are suppose to be at school and come back with a dozen chickens. True story.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

This post is really late. I've been really busy with my new job and obviously haven't blogged. 
Nana and Paw Paw had their 51st wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. We all got together at this little restaurant to celebrate.  No lie, this is our family and it's not even all of us. A few people couldn't be there. And when I say family I mean this is what I consider my "immediate" family. I LOVE this group of people!!!!

Lindsey was about to pop here. Whitney and I were both leaving soon for work. She was going to Chicago and I was going to Minnesota and we told her she had to wait to have Blakeley until we got back. She waited for Whit just not for me. :(  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these 2 girls!!! Neither one of them have sisters so we are as close as it gets.
 The new grandparents, Mena and Poppy!
I'm so thankful for wonderful grandparents who give us such a great example of marriage. This is where it all started!
I think Larry was trying to say something in this pic, ha!
Great food, great reason to celebrate, great company equals a great time!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Furniture redo

When I was in high school Mom and Dad bought me a really nice REALLY expensive bedroom set. When Ryan and I got married bedroom furniture was really low on the list of things we wanted to buy so we never did. Lately I have been really into the old shabby chic look. I've completely redid my living room in it and have now moved to my bedroom. Here is my dresser before...
 And the night stand looked just like it and here it is after...

 I still have to add the rest of the handles to the dresser, the screws I had weren't long enough.
I LOVE the way it turned out! It cost around $60 for the handles and the paint. Much better than $2,000 for new furniture that I wouldn't even like as much as this!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What have we been up to...

It's been a while since I've blogged. I started a new job which so far I really like. It gives me a lot of flexibility and I work all over the place. Seriously all over. Ryan has been moved to weekends for 6 weeks. The good thing about that is he's home with the kids now during the week and works Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He's not all the happy about it since it means no fishing but at least it's only 6 weeks. The kids are doing great in school so far. Both of them haven't gone down any in the behavior chart all year! Both of their teachers say they are doing great and are really smart! Tan's teacher did say that he's a little lazy and get side tracked easily but nothing major. 

I made a really cute cupcake tower for my cousin Chris's fiance, Celeste. She's so sweet and said she loved it! She had seen the one I made at Lindsey's baby shower. 
 We skipped school one afternoon and headed to the know us, any reason to miss a little school :)

 We've played outside with friends during football games. We are thankful with for our friends, especially when they own their own inflatable business, lol!
 I've flown on one to many airplanes lately :(
 But I did get to go to the Mall of America and loved it! I was doing good about not missing the kids until I went there. They would have LOVED it!!
 This is the largest lego statue in America. I literally came up to this statues knee. Tan liked getting pictures of all the statues.
 Tan's playing fall ball and is doing really well!
Miss Priss started dance back and also went to cheer camp. The cool thing about cheer camp is that they get to cheer some at all the home football games for MGM. This is one of the cheerleaders actual uniforms and we had Dawn alter it to fit Ry. She looked SOOOOOOO cute and grown in it!! Go Vikes!!
We have a busy next few weeks...this week I'm in Birmingham and next week I'll be in Atlanta. I'm happy to report that Ryan is doing an excellent job at holding the fort down at home. I promise to get back to normal blogging.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blakeley Rena Johnson

She's here!!! She's here!!! She's here!!!

Friday, September 14th Miss Blakeley Rena Johnson was born. She weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces and was 21 inches long. She is absolutely beautiful and perfect!!!!!!!

Lindsey was induced on Friday and had her that afternoon. She had a great delivery. Unfortunately I was out of town for work and wasn't there. :( I literally started crying on the shuttle on the way to the airport when they texted me a picture and that she had arrived. Mom got Ry and Tan out early so they could be there for the big event! Ryleigh was beyond excited!!

 Here she is holding her for the first time. She couldn't quit smiling they said.
 Whitney texted me this picture Friday night and I got it when I landed. She is sooooo mean! I've got news for you Whit, I'm going to be way cooler than you. Coolness is just in my genes, kinda like how I'm such a good dancer, it just comes natural!
 Saturday morning the kids and I got up first thing so we can head to the hospital and see Blakeley before everyone else got up and headed that way. We had almost 2 glorious hours of having her all to ourselves. (That's why the kids look so rough, we literally got up and headed straight there. We didn't eat breakfast or even brush our hair. I was tempted to head straight to the hospital when I landed at 1 am.)
 The first thing I did was give sweet Blake a big bow!
 And that afternoon when we went back I gave her an even bigger one! :)

I'm so happy for you Lindsey! I love you and I so happy that we have Blakeley in our lives now. I can't wait to spoil her rotten!!!!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

We told you

Ryleigh Claire, we told you he would be bigger than you one day.
 We told you that you shouldn't be so mean to him. 
 We told you that one day he was going to pay you back for all the times you beat him up.
 We told you that one day he was going to get you back. 
 We told you that he may be younger but he's part giant and it wouldn't be long until he'd be taller and stronger.
 We told you, you should be nicer to him. 
 We told you that payback isn't fun. 
 We told you over and over to not hold him down. 
 We spent the past 5 years telling you all of those things.
 Just to have you not listen and all of them come true tonight. 
 He's officially stronger than you. He's on a mission to pay you back for 5 years of torture! :)
I know it seems mean that I was taking pictures instead of breaking them up but Whitney and Ryan were refereeing and I was happy to catch this moment on camera. :)