Friday, September 28, 2012

All About Me

The kids have had their start of the year projects at school. Unfortunately I wasn't home to help them but thankfully they have a pretty awesome Dad! Tans was a pretty straightforward fill in the blank one. It was the first thing about school Tanner has ever been excited about! I picked him up from school the day he got the project but left that afternoon so I couldn't help him with it. On the way home from school though he told me what he was putting in all the blanks. A snake for his favorite animal, half black and half red for his favorite color and Mi Mi's meatloaf and her lemon pie for his favorite food. Should I take offense that when I asked him what his favorite thing I make is, he said cereal, lol!! Guess I need to be extra thankful for my mom's home cooked meals!! I know Ryan really has been the past few weeks. 
 Ry's project was a little harder. She had to put something for each year of her life. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little nervous what they were going to do for hers. It turned out great though! I think she was probably the only one with an actual ballet shoe and iPhone glued to her poster board. There's writing on the poster to but it didn't show up good in the picture. Whit, did you notice they cropped you out of that one picture? :)
Great job guys on yall's first projects!!

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