Wednesday, September 25, 2013

First Day of School

Well I'm obviously really far behind since school started weeks ago. I wanted to make sure I posted these pics so I would have them later.

Miss Priss started 2nd grade and Tanner started 1st. We are still in that position where we don't know where we are going to send them to school. We are in no way at all against public school but we just don't like the middle school they will go too. So basically we don't know if this will be their last year at their school or not. If we move them I want it to be a few years before middle. I wish there was a private school close to us besides Faith. We've looked at St. Paul's, St. Luke's and Mobile Christian. We like them all they are just so far away. Especially with my job now. I don't ever pass any one place. I could go to Hattiesburg one day and Gulf Shores the next.

If Mrs. Sowell reads my blog, you need to just take ABC to 12th grade!

We are EXTREMELY happy with the kids teachers this year. Ryleigh got one of my good friends mother in law and Tanner got his kindergarten teacher again! She moved to first grade. If we are lucky maybe she will just keep moving up as he does! :)

They had a great first day and are getting used to be back in a routine. Ryan and I on the other hand aren't glad they are back in school. It puts too much of a restraint on us! :)

Both are doing great! We went to open house and were surprised at Tanner's standardized test scores. They wanted them to be around a 630 but were satisfied with anything in the 600 range. Well Tanner's was a 717!

Ryleigh is super smart too and I hate to not brag on her but we excepted it of her, lol! Tanner has surprised us!

And just to look back, here's their first day of K3. I can't believe how big they've gotten!

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Monday, September 23, 2013


I thought I'd give an update on Evan...

He's still in Tampa and is doing instructional league right now. Basically just coaching him. They just finished up the season about 2 weeks ago and he got to come home for 2 weeks. He left the same weekend we left for Disney to go back.

He's doing really good in practice and in games. Odds are he will come home in 4 weeks for break and will go back to Tampa in February. Since he's so young it'll probably be a while until he is moved up.

We hung out a lot with him while he was home. Not sure if he really wanted to hang out with us or just wanted to borrow Ryan's truck! :) Either way we enjoyed it!

When he was coming home he missed his plane in Atlanta. (Not his fault at all) (which is surprising because it sounds like something he would do.) Anyway, Velvet, Whitney, Ryan and I loaded up and headed to Gulfport to pick him up at 9:00 at night. On. A. Work. Night. We were so tired the next day but it was great to see him!

On Friday he got the kids out early. They were excited to see him! (Side note, that was the 3rd Friday of school and the 3rd Friday they got out early:)

Before he left him and I went and got pedicures. Not sure what was going on with his hair but we had a lot of fun! It was the first time he had gotten one and he barely fit in the chair!

See you soon Evan!

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Vegas Baby!

The end of July/first of August Tammy and I went to Vegas for a few days. We had a lot of fun! It's one of those places where I'm so glad I got the chance to go but really have no desire to go back.

We technically went because of work for me. We were there from Wednesday-Saturday and I only had a 2 hour meeting and one work dinner during that time. So it wasn't too bad.

We walked around a lot and looked at the casinos and the shops. All the casinos are really cool inside. Let me tell you one thing though, it was HHHHOOOTTTTTT!!!!!!! Anyone who knows me, knows I don't do heat. One time we had walked so far and I had bought these super cute Toms wedges that I thought would be comfortable. Of course they weren't. We were like over a mile away from the hotel in the burning up heat. I literally just walked up to a guy that had black sedans for rent (the cab line was to long) and payed him to take us back. I'm not going to even say how much I paid him. My feet and sanity thought it was worth every penny! :)

We went and saw a Cirque Du Soleil show which was really cool.

The hotel we stayed at was AMAZING! They definitely went all out for us!

I loved the ceiling in Caesars Palace.

On Friday we went to the Grand Canyon. I'm not going to lie, I was not looking forward to it. I thought it would be miserably hot and boring. I'm glad we went though! It wasn't even a little bit hot. It was like 75 and sunny! It was even cool enough that we did one of the hikes.

It was fun to take Tammy for her birthday since that was on her bucket list. Since she's 40 now she needs to start checking things off :)

She literally started crying when we first saw it.

Well maybe she just teared up, but still :)

It was a great trip but I was glad to get back home!

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Traveling Crew

Man have we been traveling a lot this year!
In March we loaded up out of nowhere and headed to universal for a few days.
In April we went to the beach for 9 days.
In May we went to the beach almost every weekend.
June we went to Tampa.
July, Beach, Beach and more Beach.
August, I went to Vegas with Tammy to celebrate her 40th birthday. We also went to the Grand Canyon.
September, we went White Water Rafting in Gatlinburg, Disney and Sea World.
October, Ryleigh and I are going on a girls trip with a group of our friends to Atlanta. Mainly to visit the American Girl Doll Store.
November, I'm NYC bound!!!
December...who knows :)
I have a hour hour drive ahead of me so I plan to get caught up on blogging. Prepare for overload!
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