Wednesday, September 25, 2013

First Day of School

Well I'm obviously really far behind since school started weeks ago. I wanted to make sure I posted these pics so I would have them later.

Miss Priss started 2nd grade and Tanner started 1st. We are still in that position where we don't know where we are going to send them to school. We are in no way at all against public school but we just don't like the middle school they will go too. So basically we don't know if this will be their last year at their school or not. If we move them I want it to be a few years before middle. I wish there was a private school close to us besides Faith. We've looked at St. Paul's, St. Luke's and Mobile Christian. We like them all they are just so far away. Especially with my job now. I don't ever pass any one place. I could go to Hattiesburg one day and Gulf Shores the next.

If Mrs. Sowell reads my blog, you need to just take ABC to 12th grade!

We are EXTREMELY happy with the kids teachers this year. Ryleigh got one of my good friends mother in law and Tanner got his kindergarten teacher again! She moved to first grade. If we are lucky maybe she will just keep moving up as he does! :)

They had a great first day and are getting used to be back in a routine. Ryan and I on the other hand aren't glad they are back in school. It puts too much of a restraint on us! :)

Both are doing great! We went to open house and were surprised at Tanner's standardized test scores. They wanted them to be around a 630 but were satisfied with anything in the 600 range. Well Tanner's was a 717!

Ryleigh is super smart too and I hate to not brag on her but we excepted it of her, lol! Tanner has surprised us!

And just to look back, here's their first day of K3. I can't believe how big they've gotten!

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