Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What have we been up to...

It's been a while since I've blogged. I started a new job which so far I really like. It gives me a lot of flexibility and I work all over the place. Seriously all over. Ryan has been moved to weekends for 6 weeks. The good thing about that is he's home with the kids now during the week and works Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He's not all the happy about it since it means no fishing but at least it's only 6 weeks. The kids are doing great in school so far. Both of them haven't gone down any in the behavior chart all year! Both of their teachers say they are doing great and are really smart! Tan's teacher did say that he's a little lazy and get side tracked easily but nothing major. 

I made a really cute cupcake tower for my cousin Chris's fiance, Celeste. She's so sweet and said she loved it! She had seen the one I made at Lindsey's baby shower. 
 We skipped school one afternoon and headed to the know us, any reason to miss a little school :)

 We've played outside with friends during football games. We are thankful with for our friends, especially when they own their own inflatable business, lol!
 I've flown on one to many airplanes lately :(
 But I did get to go to the Mall of America and loved it! I was doing good about not missing the kids until I went there. They would have LOVED it!!
 This is the largest lego statue in America. I literally came up to this statues knee. Tan liked getting pictures of all the statues.
 Tan's playing fall ball and is doing really well!
Miss Priss started dance back and also went to cheer camp. The cool thing about cheer camp is that they get to cheer some at all the home football games for MGM. This is one of the cheerleaders actual uniforms and we had Dawn alter it to fit Ry. She looked SOOOOOOO cute and grown in it!! Go Vikes!!
We have a busy next few weeks...this week I'm in Birmingham and next week I'll be in Atlanta. I'm happy to report that Ryan is doing an excellent job at holding the fort down at home. I promise to get back to normal blogging.

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