Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blakeley Rena Johnson

She's here!!! She's here!!! She's here!!!

Friday, September 14th Miss Blakeley Rena Johnson was born. She weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces and was 21 inches long. She is absolutely beautiful and perfect!!!!!!!

Lindsey was induced on Friday and had her that afternoon. She had a great delivery. Unfortunately I was out of town for work and wasn't there. :( I literally started crying on the shuttle on the way to the airport when they texted me a picture and that she had arrived. Mom got Ry and Tan out early so they could be there for the big event! Ryleigh was beyond excited!!

 Here she is holding her for the first time. She couldn't quit smiling they said.
 Whitney texted me this picture Friday night and I got it when I landed. She is sooooo mean! I've got news for you Whit, I'm going to be way cooler than you. Coolness is just in my genes, kinda like how I'm such a good dancer, it just comes natural!
 Saturday morning the kids and I got up first thing so we can head to the hospital and see Blakeley before everyone else got up and headed that way. We had almost 2 glorious hours of having her all to ourselves. (That's why the kids look so rough, we literally got up and headed straight there. We didn't eat breakfast or even brush our hair. I was tempted to head straight to the hospital when I landed at 1 am.)
 The first thing I did was give sweet Blake a big bow!
 And that afternoon when we went back I gave her an even bigger one! :)

I'm so happy for you Lindsey! I love you and I so happy that we have Blakeley in our lives now. I can't wait to spoil her rotten!!!!!

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