Monday, March 3, 2014

Tanner is SEVEN!!

Man how time flies! Tan Man turned 7 on the 26th. In true Stokley fashion we celebrated for days and days. I think one day is too short for a birthday. Everyone should get at least 2 weeks. The Friday night before his Wednesday birthday I took a friend of his and him to the movies and to eat. They had a great time! We saw the Lego Movie (shocker, I know!)

Saturday we hung out in Ocean Springs at the boat show (we finally bought a bigger boat) (mixed feelings in this family, lol!) then went birthday shopping for Tanner. He wanted some new tennis shoes and no lie we went to 11 shoe stores! He doesn't mind shopping when it's for him. :)

Monday night we had a little party for him. Seriously is was so last minute. Semmes has a new Chill and we were the first party! It was the perfect place for a low key party. I would highly recommended them!

Wednesday, his actual birthday, we unfortunately sent him to school. Good news is we were getting him out early and he got to miss Thursday and Friday. I don't think anyone should ever have to go to school or work on their birthday. We took doughnuts to his class. I also wrapped 3 presents and put them in his lunch box. This was a HUGE hit!! He loved that surprise!

Can't believe my baby boy is SEVEN!!!

And my word what a difference one year makes!

Happy Birthday sweet Tanner! We love you!

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