Monday, March 3, 2014

Playing Catch Up

I haven't blogged in a while so now I'm playing catch up!

For Valentines Day at school we made these cute Minion valentines. I would like to state for the record though how much I hate making things like this. I also hate the pressure that Pinterest puts on us these days to be creative! I also hate how stay at home moms always show me up, EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. Sure, I could make cute snacks for Earth Day and cut flowers out of sandwiches too if I didn't have a job! Ok maybe I should stop there before I make people mad. I won this Valentines though, just for the record. :) lol!

Ryleigh got some super cute new outfits from a line of clothes we both can agree on, Matilda Jane. She's at the stage where she doesn't like smocked but I'm not a fan of little girls in jeans all the time. So here is our compromise! I also don't wear jeans much, if at all, so I guess I'm pushing my habits on her!

Ryan and Kiersten are engaged!! I'll have to do a post on the whole thing once we get the video back but it was the best proposal I have ever seen!! Everything went great and he put so much time and effort into it. We are all so happy for them!!

Pretty much my favorite group of people!

Ryleigh is reading chapter books and has finished most of the Boxcar Children and moved on to The Babysitters Club! I loved those books when I was a kid! I ordered the movie for her off of Amazon and we watched it with Whitney the other night. It was so fun!

Ry and Tan were on when Ryan took them to Mardi Gras. They were excited about that!

Aunt Cheryl texted me this pick the other day. She was cleaning out and found this old book of Whitney's. From a young age she's always known I was cool!

And lastly...why does Ryan feel the need to text me at 3 am??? I sent this to Whit one morning when he texted me 3 times before 5 am. I'm sorry Ryan, but unless you are stranded or hospitalized it can wait until 7 am when I get up. Whitney had to ask me something the next day about the eye dr and sent it right at 7, lol! Oh and just ignore my unread text, haha!

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