Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday's Letter

Dear Ryan, I just hung up the phone with you and was aggravated. But I'm going to write you a letter anyway. :) The otter box you just bought better NEVER come off of your new iPhone 4. EVER. You hate otter boxes so I have no idea why you would let the stupid AT&T girl talk you into one. Whatever though. Dear Ryleigh, good luck at your recital! I'm so excited about it. Dear Dance Moms, please don't freak out tomorrow if your daughter sits down in her costume or forgets a part of their dance. IT'S NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL! They are 5 and are there to have fun. Stop living life through your children. Dear mood, please change for the better, effective now! Dear Tammy, I'm SOOOOO excited you are coming home this weekend. It's been way to long! Dear iPhone 3G of Ryan's, you had a fight with the ocean and the ocean won. This makes me sad. Dear Aunt Lisa, Thanks for letting us use your blackberry for a few days. That thing is confusing! Dear Erin Condren Designs, your new planner I have ordered is going to make my life complete. How have I made it this long without you? So excited to get you in August. Dear Ryan, although I may be aggravated at you I have to say that you are by far the best dad in the world. Tanner received a trophy after playing TBall and Ryleigh was so upset that she didn't have one. So today, on your off day, the day before her recital you went and designed her a trophy. Thankfully the place can have it ready today. I can't wait to see her face tomorrow when you give it to her. She will carry it around proudly. The only girl at the recital with a trophy. I really think you should get an award for best dad. Don't expect it on Father's Day though. You just bought a new phone.

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Shea said...

I don't know tiff, I think any dad who can come up with something that AWESOME should get a little something on Father's Day! lol... This Fridays letter made me cry by the way! Too Sweet!