Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend we went to my sisters house in Cullman, AL. I was not looking forward to the drive but I was really looking forward to seeing her. We hadn't seen her since June when she came up for Ry's dance recital. Mom made the trip with us and it was fun to make the drive with her and spend some time with her. 
 Tammy got them both presents. She got Ry some canvases. Ry is really into painting and painted Tammy a huge picture to put in her house. Seriously, it's as big as Ry. She got Tanner this skateboard that he loved!! She typed up this whole letter like the skateboard was from Lightening McQueen and he was so excited about it.

 I took some pictures of her house so everyone could see it. Grant it they aren't great pictures because I took them with my phone but at least you can kinda see it. This is the view out her front window in the living room. It's absolutely beautiful and you can see for miles. She doesn't have any neighbors. The have like 10 or 15 acres and their house is right in the middle of it.

 Tanner loved riding Jimmy's tractor!
 This is her kitchen and of course mom was cooking in it. She made Tammy a chocolate cake for her birthday that was a few weeks ago.
 This is her living room. Like I said the pictures are awful. The whole house has an "old farmhouse" theme. She's decorated with a lot of re purposed stuff and antiques.

 This is her breakfast area/dining room. I love the shelf on the wall. She made it from on old board.
 This is a wall in her den. I love the Red Brick (you can't tell it's brick here) and I love the clock!
 Another shot of the den. This is Jimmy's "Man Cave!" It's where their only TV is in the house. Tammy HATES TV.
 This is Tammy office. She has like 4 of those bookcases filled with books and it looks so cool in there.
 This is the view out of her office.
 And this is their bedroom. I wish I would have gotten better pictures. I just snapped these real quick before we left. I didn't even think to get one of the front of the house. It's so cute with a white picket fence that goes all the way around their front and backyard. I'm so happy for her and her new beautiful house!
While we were there she took me to some really cool antique shops and I got a ton of stuff! I know this all looks kinda like junk but it's going to look so cute in our house when I'm done!
We had a great weekend! It was really nice to be out of Mobile and not in all the rain. I hope everyone else had a great Labor Day. 

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