Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just Some Sentences

We have been busy lately, but when are we not? Ryleigh got her progress report this week and had 5- 100's and 1- 95. The 95 was in number recognition 1-5. I'm fairly certain that she just was pre-occupied when she answered the question. She knows her numbers, especially 1-5. Tanner still hates school...I think this is an ongoing thing. He does however love soccer. He gets to practice with them every week. We are loving the weekends that consist of friends and football. Everyone please say a prayer for my Paw Paw. We are believing God for a miracle because we know he can work one. Also, please pray for Paw Paw Barnes, Larry's dad. He is still sick and in the hospital. Ryleigh and Tanner are currently obsessed with playing with cars. We've always had millions of matchbox size cars but now they seem to be everywhere. The rooster hates us. All of us.. He will literally chase you and try to attack you. The kids run after him with sticks, yelling like crazy people. It's pretty funny. Gus is better. I can't remember if I told ya'll he was sick. He was and it cost me a fortune. I'm obviously not happy about it. I'm almost done with redoing our living room. We haven't done anything major. Just new pictures on the walls and new throw pillows. It's funny how something small can make it look so different to me. It makes me happy! This weekend Ryleigh has her fall festival at school. Is it weird that I'm most looking forward to it because she'll be able to wear her new fall outfit? I'm sad that Tanner just has a orange polo to match. I'm ready for Christmas and apparently the kids are ready for Easter. They are currently hiding eggs in the living room for each other to find. Well I need to get them in bed. Good Night!

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