Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello, October!

I would venture to say that fall is here! It may only be here for this weekend but it was still wonderful! Friday night we went to MGM's Homecoming Game. Ryan played and did really well. Jordan still isn't able to play and is having surgery on his knee this week. 

Ryleigh LOVES Azalea Trail Maids! She calls them princesses. All night she wanted to go see them. She actually ended up knowing this girl. We walked up to her and then they just started talking to each other. It's kinda strange having popular kids! She was a helper at Ryan's Aunt VBS over the Summer. She went on and on about how much she loved Ry and Tan and how good they were.
Saturday morning we got up and went and had breakfast at the Spot of Tea. Aunt Cheryl had mentioned it to Whitney Friday night at the game about them going. Well of course I invited myself along and then called and invited everyone else!
Aunt Velvet and Aunt Lisa were there to but they were on the other side of the table and I didn't get a picture. Sorry guys! We missed you Linny Lou and Mom.

After that Ry and I headed to her fall festival at her school. The boys had gotten up that morning and went to the hunting camp.
Can I just say that I LOVE her fall outfit. Seriously, all day everyone kept commenting on how cute she looked and that just makes me smile!
The boys took this golf cart to the hunting camp so when they got home Saturday afternoon the kids rode it in the yard all afternoon long. They would go around and around the yard completely by themselves. They were really good at it.
Saturday night we had friends come over to watch the game...for some reason I didn't take any pictures except these to of the cutest little baby boy, Fisher! We had like 20 people over here including 6 was pretty loud and crazy! 
 Tan Man loves baby Fisher! I love this picture of them two!
Everyone left at the beginning of the 4th Quarter because we all had to get up for church Sunday morning. As I closed the door when everyone was leaving I turned around and this is what I found! My crew was worn out!

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