Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ryleigh and Tanner were in trouble last night for not being good for Dawn yesterday. So as punishment when they got home from soccer practice it was dinner, bath and bed by 7:15. Even worse it was seperate beds without any TV's on. You would have thought the world was ending. They sleep together every single night and when you sperate them it isn't pretty. Espically if on top of that you make them go to sleep without the TV on. So this morning Ryleigh comes in my room and I wasn't up yet so she got in the bed with me and here was our conversation....

R-I want to snuggle I'm freezing!
Me-ok, let's snuggle!
R-You want to know why I'm so cold?
R-Because you didn't let Tanner sleep with me.
Me-What does that have to do with you being cold?
R-Because Tanner is always warm and I like to snuggle up to him.
Me-Does Tanner get mad when you do that?
R-No, because he doesn't know. I wait until he's asleep and then I snuggle up close to him.
Me-I can't eblieve he doesn't know since you are a crazy sleeper.
R-I'm really careful not to kick him. Becuause if I did I think he would jump up and ninja kick me.
Me-I bet he would.
Me-Yes, Ry?
R-Please don't tell Tanner I like to snuggle with him when he's alseep. I don't want him to think I really like him sleeping in my bed.
Me-Ok Ry, I won't tell him.
R-And mom please don't get him his own TV for his room.
Me-Why not?
R-Because he'll want to sleep in there and then I won't have him to snuggle with. But remember don't tell him.
Me-Ok Ry, I won't. But I bet he likes snuggling with you too.
R-probably so but he would never say that out loud!

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