Monday, September 26, 2011


Ry decided this year that she did not want to take dance and she wanted to play soccer instead. So we signed her up! I along with everyone else honestly thought she would hate it. We thought she would go to a few practices and would be completely over the heat. That girl hates being hot or sweating. (Why, yes she is my child! :))
But believe it or not she actually loves it!! They have small teams (5 per team) so they all get to play a lot. I think she likes it because it keeps her interest. Her first game was this past Thursday. She was so excited that a lot of our family came. Sidenote: I love that. I love looking over and my kids always having their own personal cheering section. It's not just their parents or even parents and grandparents it's a whole crowd of people that are there to cheer on them. It makes me smile! So thanks everyone for coming!
She did so good in her game!! She actually played the entire 45 minutes while the coach swapped everyone else out. They technically don't keep score (although I do because someone has to win and lose and you need to know who it is.) (We lost) but Ryleigh's team had 3 goals and all 3 were scored by her!!
I really didn't know that she had kept up with how many she had gotten but at the end of the game she looked over at all of us and held 3 fingers up! 
You guys know that I'm not one to say my kids are so good at something if they aren't. But she is SOOO good at soccer!! Believe me, no one is as surprised as I am!!

Great job, Ry! We are so proud of you!!

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