Friday, July 17, 2009


We enrolled Ryleigh in a 6 week dance camp at Robinson's School of Dance to see how she would like dance before we committed to a entire year at Melinda Leigh's. To say that she LOVED it would be a complete understatement! She LOVED it!! She would wear her leotard all day on Thursday. She took Ballet, Tap and Acrobatics. This past Thursday was her last night so the parents were allowed to come in the last 10 minutes of class. All the other kids had their moms there and a few had their dads but not Miss Priss she had a complete audience! Me, Ryan, Gi Gi, Mi Mi, La La, and Tanner. (did anyone else want to break out into song when the read through all the grandparents names??)
Their first dance was their tap dance
See how much she got into it!
Look at that form! Her arms are so straight!
After their tap dance they had to change into their ballet shoes. I don't know why but I was so proud of how well she did this. She changed her shoes with no help at all!
Here they are doing their ballet dance.
Next was Acrobatics...they could pick whatever trick was their favorite and they got the entire spotlight to themselves. She really liked this part! She chose the leap frog but had a hard time doing it because she was to busy making sure everyone was watching her.
One of the highlights for her was the flowers that Mi Mi, La La, and Grandma Barnes got her. She felt so special. She had to take them in Wintzells with us afterwards.
She is very excited about starting again in the fall at Melinda Leigh's!

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