Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Ugliest Lunch Box EVER!

I had to work Saturday so Ryan took the kids out to run some errands. He got done earlier than expected so he called me to see if I had anything that needed to be done.
As you all probably know Ryleigh starts school in 3 weeks. I ordered her backpack from LLBean and it is SO cute. So I figured I would let her pick out her own lunch box. I thought she would get something with disney princess's or tinkerbell. I figured since she had such a cute backpack I could live with a character lunch box. I told Ryan while they were out to go by Target and let her pick out a lunch box...BIG MISTAKE!
Whenever I let her pick something out I always get like 3 or 4 choices I can live with and then let her pick from those. That way she feels like she has freedom and we don't get stuck with something that looks like this......
I know it's horrible, right? He called me after they left and said that she had picked one out and he thought I would love it b/c it didn't have cartoon characters on it. He said it was a princess one with a crown. I pictured a cute little crown and maybe some polka dots or stripes. I never thought it would be an actual crown and some sort of armor shield thing! The funniest thing is they both were so proud of themselves for picking it out. I made the comment to Dawn that I was going to take it back and Ryleigh yelled "NOOO I LOVE it SOOOO much!!!!" Sorry charlie it's going back. You'll thank me when your 30 and you look back on pictures from your first day of school!

And just because I don't want a post filled with ugly pictures, here you go....
Can someone please figure out a way to freeze time???

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