Monday, July 13, 2009

Our weekend in review

I had to work on Saturday and Ryan was taking the youth to play paintball. So after work I met him at Xtreme Paintball to get Ryleigh and Tanner. My friend Sarah also met me there we were going to take the kids to the Malbis mall to play in the fountain they have there. The kids had SO much fun! Ryleigh and Tanner love to hang out with Zoe (Sarah's daughter). Zoe is Tanner's age and they get along pretty good.
This water fountain really is the best thing! I really wish we had one that was closer.

So cute!
Look how tall and skinny she looks!
This is Zoe or as Tanner refers to her "Zo-Zo" He says Zo-Zo is my girlfriend! She is so cute! She is a lot like Ryleigh in the way that she loves attention. She would priss all around the water fountain just looking for people to watch her! It was hilarious! Sarah and I were laughing so hard!
The 2 of them at the end of the day. They were being silly, they really aren't asleep! I wish they would have been!
Saturday night we went to a new church in Daphne called Bay Community with our friends Paul and Cheryl. It's a really cool church if anyone lives over there they should go check it out.

Sunday at our church we had Jason Crabb come and sing. I knew he was coming but I honestly didn't know it was a big deal that he was coming but our church was PACKED!
Ryleigh spent the night with Nana and so on our way to church we took Tanner by Aunt Tammy's work so he could ride in her "big truck!" He didn't believe that she drove one and he loves them! Every time we pass one on the road he yells "There's a bug truck, honk honk!" She let him honk the horn a million times and he even got to drive it.

Showing him the horn

He did really good driving until he saw a bird! He just completely stopped because he was so excited about the bird!

This coming up Saturday Ryan and our youth group leave to go on a mission trip to the Bahamas. I know that sounds more like a vacation than a mission trip but there is a whole side there that people rarely see. Please pray for them that they will have a safe trip and make an impact on the people there.

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