Saturday, July 11, 2009

"If we would of know yall were coming we would have made a cake!"

I think when you come in at night and your feet look like this...
Then it is officially Summer!
Last night Ryan was at the church working on the lights so on my way home from work I stopped by there to get Ryleigh and Tanner. We decided on the way home we would stop by and see Nana and Paw Paw. Ryleigh said she wanted to call Whitney so she would come to so they could show Nana their new dance they made up...seriously there is a dance and it's hilarious!

Velvet and the boys came over to and the kids wanted to go outside and play. Tanner wanted to blow bubbles; unfortunately Nana couldn't find the stick to blow the bubbles so she tried a few different things to improvise. 
First there was the fork, this obviously didn't work. It just made you look like you were eating air.
Then there was the latch...that didn't work either.
Then they tried the keychain part of the latch and it didn't seem to work...
It looks like Ryleigh was finally able to blow a bubble through the keychain part of the latch! I think Nana should just go invest in some bubble wands. They are only like $1!
Whitney and Evan...they always look like they are up to something!
Aunt Velvet told me not to put any pictures of her up but oh well! There needs to be some of you on here so we have proof when they get older!
Nana, Ryleigh and Tanner
Remember I had just came from work and I HATE being hot. SO Aunt Velvet got me some of Evan's shorts to change into. I think I look pretty good! Maybe I'll start a new trend!
And while all of us were goofing off Paw Paw was actually doing something constructive!

We had so much fun. We played, tag, hide and go seek, duck duck goose and had relay races. Jordan and I stomped Whitney and Evan in the relay races! (This is my blog so no one knows if I'm lying or not!)
Well we hope everyone has a great weekend!

PS: The title of the post came from what Nana and Paw Paw both said at the same time to us when we were outside playing!

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