Monday, January 28, 2013

The past few days and weekends..

Two weekends ago I made the trip up to Cullman to see Tammy. I love gong up there we always go in the coolest shops. We never really buy much, we always just get ideas and come home and make it. She's can make anything, seriously! I've been encouraging her to open a little booth up in one of the stores and she finally decided to do it!!!! So I went up to help her get it set up. Here is her super cute booth!!!
In 2 days she had already sold 6 things!!!!
MLK day (Robert E Lee's bday as Dad always said) was spent at the park and hanging out with friends. Ry can go all the way across these monkey bars by herself!

Tuesday we went to Pump it Up with church.
The other night I went in the living room and found the kids asleep just like this. Everyone says they look like twins all the time. Here's proof they even do when they are asleep!
This past Friday I went to Merle Norman and bought all new makeup-wasn't fun for my checking account!!
Saturday we had a funeral to go to and then we spent the day in Fairhope. I love going over there and going in all the little shops.

Since I went to Tammy's and wasn't there for her to make stuff for me (so sad!!) I came home and made my own stuff on Sunday!

I love this window cork board window that covers up our ugly breaker box.
And lastly this new bookcase and sign. I bought these when I was up here and love how it turned out!

Happy Monday everyone!!!

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