Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tooth Fairy and Paint

Wanna know what makes for an interesting Saturday night?? Four 1st grade girls! Everyone knows Ryleigh is really into spending the night. This was the first time she's ever had people over from her class at school and they had a blast! Here they are having a tea party for dinner. Look at Ry's face in this picture, she was so excited!

Ryan and I are doing a lot of updating around our house. We have a home inspection that will be coming up for something we are doing and had a lot of odd and ends things to do. Our laundry room and pantry are the last 2 rooms we haven't painted since we built the house. Both of those rooms had that flat paint that leaves marks so bad. Ryan told me to go to Lowe's and get paint to paint them. I'm sure he thought I would get just a tan color. But those 2 rooms aren't ones that everyone sees so I wanted to get something really fun that you couldn't use in any other room. So I bought bright turquoise for the laundry room.
And Sunshine Yellow for the pantry! Ryan was a little apprehensive but it turned out really cute and fun!
This is a more accurate depiction of the laundry room. The one above didn't photograph as well. It makes me happy every time I go in there to wash clothes now! This picture was before I put everything back. We have like 100 bags that hang on those hooks. Those hooks are my lifeline for organization! I also made a cork board out of an old window that covers up that ugly box thing.
In other news, guess who lost her 2 front teeth?!?! She lost the first one a few weeks ago and I was so hoping she would lose them at the same time. The 2nd one was a few weeks behind but the first one still hadn't grown in any so it worked out. I honestly wasn't that thrilled about it because now she is going to have those awkward teeth that are so big and most of the time crooked. I did hear that you can get braces much earlier than when I was a kid so we will be looking into that when she looses all of her teeth. 
The tooth fairy left her this note, she really liked it, even though she knew I wrote it.

She looks so big in this picture!!! She will be 7 in a few short months and I am not happy about it! :)
Tanner also got his first loose tooth today, It's not quite ready to come out but he is ecstatic about it!!

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John Vella said...

We are in the process of doing the same to our house. Our motto in 2013, is simplify and declutter! We are tackling the attic and closet right now.