Monday, March 22, 2010


So I'm about to go off on a rant. I don't know what it is that sparked this but I have a feeling it is the crazy amount of time between Tball and Dance that I have been spending with parents of other young kids who I am not friends with.

Just an FYI to all those parents...Your kids are NOT perfect.
They never have been and they never will be.
I feel like the last few weeks have been spent comparing stories with all these parents that I have no interest in being friends with. The hours spent at Tball practice or while sitting in the waiting area at dance. Each story is just a way to one up the person before you and its driving me crazy. "My sweet, beautiful daughter never throws tantrums." "My child slept through the night the first day home from the hospital." "My child has been able to read since they were 3." "I don't understand these moms who get babysitters all the time. I feel bad enough having to work all day. I would never leave my child on the weekend."
These are some of my favorite most recent quotes. I hate these "sessions" as I call them with other moms because it paints an unrealistic picture of what life with children is like. It leaves other people thinking you have this perfect life and makes them unhappy with theirs.
Here is what I want to scream at all these moms, "You're life is not perfect!! So stop trying to act like it is. There is no way your daughter has never thrown a tantrum and just wait until the next time I see you in Wal Mart. I hope she throws a knock down drag out one right in the middle of the freezer aisle for all the world to see. There is no way your child slept through the night the first day home from the hospital. If they did then they would have starved to death so stop making crap up! 3? Seriously, your child could read at 3?? Then why in the heck are you sitting in the waiting area at a dance studio! Shouldn't you guys be famous? And lastly, I'm sorry that I get a babysitter for my kids. I'll be the first to admit that is how I keep my sanity. I will not apologize for wanting to spend time with my husband alone. In fact, when your kids are grown and gone and your husband and you have no relationship because you wouldn't make time for him, I'll be waiting to say, 'You should have gotten a babysitter!'"
One of my best friends Sarah and I talk about this a lot. She's my favorite person to vent to. We understand each other. We understand that some days your kids are driving you crazy and it feels good to send a text saying "WILL THEY EVER STOP WHINING!!" Or sometimes you need someone to listen to you scream because your husband spent $75 on a Vera Bradley purse for a 4 year old. I know when I call her or text her she understands where I'm coming from and isn't there to judge my parenting skills or compare notes on who's kid is smarter.
I never thought I would get Ryleigh off a passy or Tanner potty trained. My children aren't child prodigies but they are my kids and I love them with all my heart. So to all you moms out there who feel the need to update your facebook status with "We just brought our baby home from the hospital and she has already used the potty twice and said her first word while playing the piano since we are a no TV family. Can you believe that! She's only 3 days old!!" I'll call Sarah and tell her that if my kids don't stop whining I'm going to scream! She understands that my kids aren't perfect and I like not having to pretend they are.
But I guess that depends on what your definition of perfection is. Mine wouldn't be child prodigies with boring lives who never give their parents any excitement or funny stories to tell. Mine would be Ryleigh and Tanner who keep me on my toes and keep my life exciting.
Thank you Ryleigh and Tanner for not being perfect and boring. Thank you for giving me funny stories to tell. I love you guys so much and I love the crazy, busy, exciting life I get to live with you guys!

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