Monday, March 29, 2010

How to get Abs!

Can I please take a second and tell you how crazy busy my Saturday was. First it was Ryan's moms birthday so the kids and I got up and got ready and made her breakfast. Mom, Dawn and Karlee came over around 9 to eat. After that we left to go to our church's Easter Egg Hunt which was a lot of fun. At 2 we had a baby shower for a good friend of our families, Ciara. Then Tanner had a Tball game at 3 and then that night we had a going away/baby shower for Josh and Desi!
I know, crazy busy.
We had such a fun day though. Ryleigh even made the comment that night about how much fun she had. I have separate pictures from the Egg Hunt but wanted to talk about Saturday night first.

Every time our family gets together it always 2 things...LOUD and fun! But Saturday night was even louder and more fun than normal! We went to Aunt Tena's and had my favorite types of food...appetizers! There is nothing more that I love than a big buffet of dips! The party was for Josh and Desi because he is going to work out of the country for a few months and she is pregnant with their second child. A girl named Faith. Here they are with Gabe.
Ryleigh and Tanner had the best time playing with Gabe all night. They were all over Aunt Tena's house. If anyone knows anything about Aunt Tena it's that she is the most easy going person ever. When we were little we would literally have water balloon fights in her kitchen and she would just join in like it was no big deal! It was always so much fun to go over there because we would always do the craziest things.
These are Whitney's Jesus shoes. She is wearing them in celebration of the upcoming Easter Holiday!
If you were to just look at these pictures it would seem like the only adults there were Nana, Paw Paw and Aunt Velvet. I have no idea why I didn't take any pictures of anyone besides them but I didn't. I'll try harder to get better at that.

I just love this picture of Aunt Velvet and Tanner. Doesn't she look incredible?!?! I have to tell her thanks for providing so much of our laughter at her expense for the night. It was worth it, right?
Nana and her 3 great grand kids.
Me and Jordan. I posted this on facebook and tagged him. He'll probably untag it since he probably thinks I'm not very cool.
Once everyone had left Me, Lindsey, Brandon, Whitney, Velvet and Jordan all hung out for a while longer and just goofed off. Aunt Tena showed us Luke's scrapbook he had to make his senior year in high school. A few things we learned from these pictures...
  1. Our parents had no taste in clothes.
  2. Lindsey's bangs gave her an extra 3 inches of height when she was younger.
  3. Thank goodness Whitney got contacts.
  4. Yes, I've always been as goofy and attention starved as I currently am.
  5. We were very awkward during our preteen years as shown by the numerous pictures and our rendition of the Dixie Chicks Earl had to Die video. We should break that video out at the next family event!

Around 9:30 Ryleigh said "Mom, we really need to go home. I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. Please, can we go to sleep!" You know that girl is tired if she's asking to go home and go to sleep!

Sunday when I saw Whit she said she has 2 extra abs from laughing so hard Saturday night!

In that case, we need to have about 3 or 4 more family things before we go to the beach for Spring Break! I would love 6 pack abs by then!!

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