Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Park and Running

This past Sunday after church we met mom, Larry, Gloria and the girls at Cottage Hill park so they could all play. Mom made a lunch and brought it. Of course she tries to out do my picnic lunch I packed for Ryleigh's field trip! The kids had a lot of fun and we ended up staying for 2 hours.
A Bee was flying around the and Ryleigh did not like that! This is the face she made!
Eating lunch
Look how tall he's getting. People are asking us more and more if they are twins!
Check out her boots..I love them! They came from Wal Mart for like $7.
We had a lot of fun just hanging out and talking hopefully we can do it again soon.
We have a busy weekend coming up! Friday night we have 5th Quarter...The last one, YAY! Saturday we have the National Breast Cancer Walk downtown. It's a 5 mile walk and our church has a group of like 75 ladies walking in it. After the walk we rented out The Spot of Tea to have brunch. Then we are headed to the pumpkin patch to try to get some cute pictures of Ryleigh and Tanner with Tammy's AWESOME new Nikon camera. Then we are headed to Seward Farms (again) with the Jr. High group from church. Sunday we have church then a shrimp boil at some friends of ours for their birthday! Man I'm going to be exhausted on Monday!! I'm also excited b/c the fair starts this weekend. I'm sure we won't make it there this weekend but maybe one day next week.
And in completely unrelated friends Tina, Lindsay and I have been running. No one thought I would stick with it but I'm actually doing pretty good. We are hoping to be able to run the Senior Bowl 10K (6.2) miles on November 7th. That will be the farthest we've ran yet. We try to go 3 days a week. On Tuesdays we meet at Mellow Mushroom and do a 5K through midtown which is so much fun. There are like 100 people who meet to do it. Some run some walk some have strollers and some have dogs. The first time we ran it it took us 46 min...then the next time we were down to 43...and this past week we ran it in 34!! I was so excited! We are hoping to eventually get down to under 30 but we aren't quite there yet. Maybe one day soon!

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