Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we went and woke the kids up with their new puppy, Cooper! We normally let them get up on their own but Ryan and I both woke up early and we just couldn't wait any longer. They got up and at first I thought they would be disappointed that they didn't have a "big" present sitting out and unwrapped. Ryan and I had a few other things up our sleeves. They got started opening their presents. I know some people sit them out for the kids but I love the excitement of them ripping off the wrapping paper. We make them go one at a time and take turns. They don't mind because they get to see what each other got. 

Ryleigh's "big" present was a iPhone. In case you were wondering it was Ryan's idea. I know everyone probably already figured that but just in case. I want to make sure we are clear on who the crazy parent is.  :) She was over the moon excited!!
Tanner's "big" present was a TV for his room. I normally would have had it unwrapped but I wanted to wrap her phone and call it. She loved opening the ringing package! They had a joint present that we made them go on a scavenger hunt for. That was a lot of fun!
When they opened the box you should have seen their faces. There was only a note in there so they looked really disappointed. It was hilarious! Ryleigh then read it and they went on a 10 minute scavenger hunt that led them to keys. Ryleigh still didn't get it but Tanner instantly knew it was to a new 4-wheeler!

We then walked over to Aunt Lisa's to see what they got. Lindsey got this new purse that I LOVE!! Brandon did a great job at picking out her present. Wesley also bought the kids an INSANE remote control car! He's so sweet to Ryleigh and Tanner and we love him so much!!

That afternoon we had Christmas with Ryan's mom, and brother and his family. The kids got way to many presents again!

We had a wonderful Christmas and we hope you did too!! 

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