Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bedroom Makeover

I am in LOVE with my new bedroom. Well I guess I should same new bedroom theme, the bedroom itself isn't new. It's actually been there for around 6 years. 

Our room was the only room we hadn't ever officially decorated. I had been looking on pinterest at different things and wanted to incorporate chevron print with my love of the shabby chic look. I found this lamp at TJ Maxx and although I normally don't like buying home decor from major retail places I thought it was still cute. Especially after I added some rosettes. 

Dawn made me this AWESOME bed skirt and she also made all the pillows. She's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO talented and I'm thankful she doesn't mind when I ask her to make stuff for me. (She may mind but she's never told me no, so I'll keep on asking! lol! :) Thanks Dawn for making all of it. It looks so great!! 

We knew we wanted a new headboard but didn't like any that we found in furniture stores. So we made one! Ryan made the shelf out of crown molding and Ryan literally dug these pallets out of a dumpster :) That's real love for ya! The books, vases, picture and candle holder I got at different antiques stores around town. The frame did come from Hobby Lobby but I put pallet boards around it to make it more unique. Yes you read that right, I sawed and nailed them all together. I was pretty proud of myself.
I know I've showed a picture of my dresser I redid before but here it is completely finished with all new handles. It goes really well with the room.
And the night stand.
I love how everything turned out!!

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Felipa Barela said...

I like your bed! I think that the bed skirt which matches with the pillows looks really good. I agree that your dresser goes very well in your room.

Felipa Barela