Thursday, August 19, 2010

3 Things

Tanner had his first homework assignment! He had to pick 3 things that would fit in a Ziploc bag that had something to do with him. It could either be something that is his favorite or something that describes him. You may remember us doing the same project with Ryleigh last year.

We went in his room and it took him a while to decide I was helping him look through his toys and when I turned around he had the whole bag filled with tons of toys! He was not happy when I made him empty it and pick just 3 things. He decided on a football, frog and a tape measure.
He picked the football because when he gets older he says-"I want to play football for Alabama and Ryleigh is going to cheer and say 'Roll Tide, Go Tanner' "

He picked the frog because he LOVES frogs, seriously loves them. We have 2 or 3 tree frogs that hang out on our porch every night and he catches them every night and then lets them go every night. He named them all Gumball Machine.

And Lastly he picked the tape measure because he said "I love to help daddy build things. Even when he won't let me finish and makes me go to bed like Gill and him did last night. Even when he does that I still like building things with him!"

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